510 Foundation
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510 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37206
Organization Details

Executive Director

Executive Director Mr. David Haynes
E-mail dhaynes@510Foundation.org
Term Start April 2017
David's Experience: David Draper Haynes is the founding Board Chairman & President of 510 Foundation and has served as its Board President or Secretary from inception. Mr. Haynes has over forty years of experience in business that includes start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, operations, administration and strategic planning. He presently is the co-founder and CEO of HaynesBesco Group, a custom specialty packaging and sourcing firm.Prior to founding HaynesBesco, Mr. Haynes co-founded Synaxis Group, Inc. in 1988, and served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until the purchase of the company on December 31, 2001. During this period, Synaxis made 10 acquisitions in the Southeast and was ranked among the 20 largest privately owned insurance brokers in the country. Mr. Haynes remained with Synaxis as President and Chief Executive Officer until November, 2004. Prior to forming Synaxis, Mr. Haynes was a member of a financial advisory firm specializing in initiating, structuring and negotiating mergers and acquisitions. During this period, Mr. Haynes played a significant advisory role in the formation of the two largest, privately owned insurance brokerage firms in Tennessee. In 1984, Mr. Haynes co-founded the Armistead Group and acquired the United States-based operations of Ingram Insurance International. He played a central role in negotiating and financing the acquisition and served as President and Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors. In 1986, Sedgwick Group, plc acquired Armistead Group and Mr. Haynes became Vice President and Area Director of Fred S. James & Co., a Sedgwick subsidiary. Soon thereafter, he assumed the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, where he was primarily responsible for the consolidation and management of Fred S. James' United States-based administrative functions. Mr. Haynes has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee.

Senior Staff

Name Title
Rev. Becki Privett Director, Adonai Arts Academy
Rev. Matthew Dunlap Young Adult Pastor
Mr. Michael Gray Co-Founder, Cheryls List
Rev. Sabrina Jones Director, LIFE Academy


Full Time Staff 1
Part Time Staff 2
Volunteers 94
Contractors 28
Retention Rate 100%

Plans & Policies

Does your organization have a Fundraising Plan? No
Does your organization have a Strategic Plan? No
Years Strategic Plan Considers
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Does your organization have a Management Succession Plan? No
Does your organization have a Policy and Procedure Plan? No
Does the organization have a Nondiscrimination Policy? No
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Is there a formal evaluation for... Frequency (if applicable)
CEO/Executive Director No
Senior Management No
Non-Management No

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

510 Foundation is proud to report that the vast majority of the people who operate our programming (75%) are community volunteers, including the Foundation's leader, David Haynes. David is the Chairman & President of the Board of Directors; 510 currently does not have a paid Executive Director or CEO. Operating mostly with volunteers allows 510 to devote the majority of its financial resources to direct impact on clients and the surrounding community. However, as programs have grown, some staff have become necessary to meet increased capacity needs. 510 currently has 1 full-time and 2 part-time staff members, and contracts with about 30 professionals in various areas including arts instruction, athletics officiating, and grant writing and development. In the interest of highest efficiencies and cost-savings, all three of 510 Foundation's paid staff members are technically employed by Nashville First Church of the Nazarene. In addition to taking advantage of economies of scale in human resource management, operating in this partnership with the church allows 510 staff to have access to employee benefits, such as insurance and paid leave, which 510 Foundation would be unable to provide on its own. 510 reimburses the base salary and related costs (salary, insurance, and other benefits) to the church.