Salvus Center, Inc.
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P.O. Box 8046 556 Hartsville Pike
Gallatin, TN 37066
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Salvus Center is a faith-based health center that seeks to reclaim the Biblical and historical commitment to care for those who are sick and in need, so they might experience wholeness, wellness and healing.


Salvus Center was founded in fall 2004 by a group of Sumner County's leading citizens who were inspired by the Biblical mandate to care for the sick and needy. These men and women recognized the increasing need for healthcare for uninsured, working families of Sumner County, and made the decision to find a way to ensure these families would have a source for primary medical care. Salvus Center opened in March, 2006 and the response has been overwhelming. Many of the patients have serious health problems that require immediate attention. Frequently, they have been without needed prescriptions for several months prior to coming to Salvus Center.


To improve the quality of life of those in Sumner County who are working, have no insurance and do not have access to quality, affordable healthcare. Accomplishments from past year: 1. Patient base grew on monthly basis 2. Continued networking with community including healthcare providers, faith community, corporations, foundations, schools, and individuals. 3. Increased financial and in-kind support from the community including faith community, hospitals, individuals, businesses, foundations, and corporations. 4. Developed new relationships with healthcare community to provide referral system for patients in need of healthcare. 5. Purchased building in which we are located in Gallatin. Goals in current year: continue to maintain a balanced budgetcontinue to expand the number of specialists to whom we can refer patients


1. Additional specialty physicians for patient referrals 2. Financial support 3. Translators for access to minority communities 4. Medications

CEO Statement

Salvus Center is the only organization in Sumner County that provides healthcare to those who are working, but have no insurance. The clinic has received a tremendous response from many segments of the community who have provided funds, supplies, in-kind support, volunteers and especially prayers for success in serving those who come to the clinic. We are governed by a dynamic board that is involved and committed to our mission statement and to those we serve. Our staff joined the organization because they too had a desire to serve those who did not have access to affordable healthcare, but were working everyday to support their families. During the first year of operation, we served nearly 2,000 patients from all areas of Sumner County and the number grows each week. Sumner Regional Health System has been a generous partner to us. They not only donated space for the clinic, but also provide services and testing to our patients for a reduced fee. Hendersonville Medical Center and Portland Medical Center are also partners as they provide services at reduced fees for patients. There are nearly 100 specialty physicians in the area who have agreed to see our patients for reduced fees. These specialists range from pathologists, to neurosurgeons, to ophthalmologists, to dentists, peridontists, gynecologists, and the list continues. Physicians and Nurse Practitioners also work in the clinic on a volunteer basis. Volunteers from all areas of Sumner County serve our patients in the clinic by performing office tasks, assisting with special events and keeping our prescription drugs current. The faith community provides monthly support through financial and volunteer help as there is a strong desire on their part to reclaim the Biblical commitment to help those who are sick and in need. With 22,000 uninsured people in this county alone, the need for healthcare for the uninsured is gigantic, and our patient visits are increasing each week.

Board Chair Statement

Salvus Center is the result of the dream of Sumner County leaders who recognized the need for primary medical care for an estimated 20,000 uninsured residents of Sumner County. I am pleased to be a part of this ministry that is saving lives by providing exemplary medical care. We have an excellent Board of Directors and staff who are compassionate, caring men and women. The community has also been incredibly supportive of this ministry.

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Primary Category: Health Care  - Community Health Systems 
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Areas Served

Salvus Center's clinic is located in Gallatin, TN.

TN - Sumner