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PO Box 30156
Clarksville, TN 37040
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Our mission is to empower our clients by helping to bridge the employment gap for individuals with disabillities through the use of skill assessments, placement services and job coaching. A & S All Support firmly believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to work regardless of their disability.


A&S All Support, Inc was formed in September of 2006 by Janese Cleary she started the company to give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to fine gainful employment. We provide skills assessments, job readiness classes, job placement servies, job coaching services through train job coach instructors.


A&S All Support, Inc is a non-profit organization located in Clarksville, TN. Our organization was founded in 2006 with a vision from the CEO & Founder Janese Cleary beleiving that all person with disabilities should be given the same opportunities as the rest of the population. Our goal is to provide superior quality employment services for our clients. We provide skills assessments, resume building, job placement assistance and job coaching to diverse cliente. Through our partnerships with local businesses, we provide educational training about the misconceptions that surround individuals with disabilities. We are the only provider agency to get a client a 40 hour a week job. We realize the necessity for expanding our services, not every disabled person was born with a disability. We have a high population of persons with disabilities due to the military presents we have in our local community. We have assisted 100's of individuals with disabilites determine if they are capable of working and if so we have network in our community to find suitable employment for them. We have been able to built a working relationship with numerous hiring agencies on Ft. Campbell that is one of our largest employer for our clients.


Non-profit organizations such as ours are having a harder time in this current economy times due to the fact that the state of Tennessee is always cutting funding for programs for persons with disabilities. 1.The need for us become more creative in the approach of how to provide funding to keep our programs running. 2. More funding to be able to maintain a trained professional staff and upgraded computers with the latest programs to be able to assist our clients better. 3. Larger office Space to be able to provide the skills our clients need to become more competative in today's job market, such as job readiness classes, computer classes & on the job training. 4. We need funding to develop a Transportation Department in order to meet the needs of our clients that do not have any transportation. But are able and willing to work. 5. Need additional support staff in each department.

CEO Statement

'You have to give it away to keep it....' As CEO and Founder of A&S All Support, Inc 'My passion for helping people with diabilities began when I worked as a Public Relaftions Director and Supportied Employment Coordinator for an assisted living non-profit organization. I beleive everyone should have the opportunity to work if they choose to and I beleive my agency can make a difference in the struggles our clients face each and everyday. ' I have been directly impact by having a spouse that sustained a disability While in deployed to Afghanistan and how his disabilty has impacted our families. Our organization care about finding employement for our clients, and insuring that it is the right job for them. I am so proud of the staff & Volunteers working at our organization for being work for smaller pay then they could get if working at other companies, the dedication that it takes to make the difference in someone else life that cannot do for themselves we pay it forward everyday. I personally have made numerous scarifies in order to keep our doors open when necessary I have forgone pay. We have developed two major fundraiser each year that provides additional funding.

Board Chair Statement

Janese Cleary is currently the CEO and president of the board, A&S has placed in business for almost 6 years. We are the only provider agency in our area to get clients jobs up to 40 hours a week.We are the only provider agency to provide a full service operation for our clients. We have built a great reputation for help clients with disabilities, and made a major impact in our local business community through community awareness campaigns. Our agency has placed more clients in jobs and have stayed on the job longer than all the others organizations in our area. One major challenge the organization faced in it's early year was when Mrs. Cleary's husband was injured in Afghanistan in 2007 with permanent injuries. Mrs Cleary has managed to run the orgainzation and care for her husband. Has gain a more personal passion for the clients that we serve. Another challenge is that we receive a good deal of our funding from Tennessee Vocational Rehabilation Program through the state, they do not pay enough money to keep job coaches on the job for as long as the client is in need. We have always provided a job coach for our clients for as long as they and the employer feel we are needed. Our success has been through that program. We have clients that are still on the job 5 1/2 years later. The way we try and overcome this challenge is to do fundrasiers and seek out grants. Our orgainzation is currently located in the bonus room of Mrs. Cleary's house while she cared for her husband which is no longer necessary. Our current case load and growing staff make it necessary for us to find a larger office so that we can meet with clients at an office. We currently meet with them at the career center or the Tennessee Rehab office. We have built a program model that the state is interested in implementing with all provider agencies in the state. Our agencies will be providing the training and materials to them.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Human Services  - Developmentally Disabled Services/Centers 
Secondary Category: Employment  - Single Organization Support 
Tertiary Category: Human Services  - Developmentally Disabled Services/Centers 

Areas Served

Montgomery County Steward County Robertson County Cheatham County Davidson County Dickson County Houston County

TN - Montgomery