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REBOOT Recovery helps military, first responders, and all families heal from trauma and embrace a brighter future.


REBOOT was developed in 2011 by Dr. Jenny Owens, an occupational therapist, and her husband, Evan Owens, to meet the need for trauma healing for military
families. Grassroots requests from first responders across the country led us to develop a distinct curriculum for the compounding workplace traumas experienced by those on the frontlines. After years of requests for a general population trauma healing curriculum was heightened by the many crises of 2020, we developed Trauma REBOOT to lift up everyday people struggling with the aftermath of trauma.


Since our founding, over 11,000 families have graduated from one of REBOOT's nearly 275 course locations around the country.

We have completed outcomes assessments for the past six years and our courses have consistently led to a statistically significant reduction in Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Sleep Disturbance, and an improvement in Ability to Participate in social roles and activities - all of which are indicators of reduced suicidality.

Our research also shows evidence of statistically significant improvement in Social Participation, Connectedness and Quality of Life. We utilize the PROMIS-29, a NIH-developed tool measuring health-related quality of life, as well as pre and post connectedness surveys to measure these outcomes.

Our efficacy efforts are led by Dr. Jenny Owens (OTD) and a small team of researchers who specialize in Post-Traumatic Stress, Brain Injury and trauma research. We are currently partnered with the University of Illinois for a multi-year study of our programs.


REBOOT Recovery is seeking to end generational cycles of trauma through our evidence-driven courses that improve the quality of life for participants and remove barriers of access by providing meals and childcare for our in-person courses, as well as virtual course options. We serve vulnerable families across the nation and are strategically expanding the reach of our trauma healing courses for women in recovery.

86.8% of communities did not have enough mental health providers to serve residents in 2020 according to federal guidelines. REBOOT's peer-led trauma healing courses fill the gap left by a shortage of clinical support to help families overcome trauma and embrace a brighter future. Trauma is the root cause of many of our communities most challenging symptoms, and is too often a roadblock for women in recovery. The statistics paint a dire picture: Women experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder are nearly seven times more likely to complete suicide. Over 90% of women experiencing homelessness have a history of trauma and seventy-five percent of women in substance abuse treatment report histories of trauma. Healing from trauma is an essential first step to recovery.

It is our goal to graduate 50,000 families from our courses by 2025 to meet a nation-wide need.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Human Services  - Family Services 
Secondary Category: Public & Societal Benefit  - Military/Veterans' Organizations 
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Areas Served

We serve the entire state of Tennessee and nation-wide. We have nearly 275 course locations around the country.

Check out for a complete list of active course locations.

TN - Cheatham
TN - Montgomery
KY - Christian
TN - Davidson
TN - Tennessee (Entire State)