The Journey Home
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308 W Castle St
Murfreesboro, TN 37133
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The Journey Home is a Christian ministry whose primary focus is to serve the homeless and disadvantaged of Rutherford County by providing practical resources and relationships that encourage faith, economic stability, wholeness, and reintegration into community life.


Homelessness is a complex problem resulting from interconnected issues related to poverty and a lack of affordable housing. Its effects on families and individuals are far-reaching, impacting every facet of life and, for most of the community, are very difficult to understand. Real solutions require a Journey - carefully planned, personally motivated, and supported by resources needed for permanent change. Lasting change demands more than a bed and a meal. It requires meeting each person at their point of need, setting goals, improving education and life skills, addressing health, self-worth and relationship issues, and securing jobs and stable housing, to name a few. Above all it requires the hope and strength found in relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Journey Home was founded in 2006 to address issues of homelessness and poverty in Rutherford County. Together with like-minded organizations and community members, we work with families and individuals, helping them on their journey to sustainability.


The Journey Home has two areas of focus: Stabilization & Sustainability. Providing meals, clothing, shower and laundry facilities, resources to meet basic needs, and connections to additional community resources helps to stabilize people who are in crisis. The Journey Home's Community Cafe and Outreach Center provide stabilization services to an average of 110 people each day, Monday through Friday.

Stabilization services act as engagement tools, providing the opportunity to get to know clients and their situations. Our hope is that they will be willing to take the necessary steps to move from crisis and stabilization toward long-term sustainability. The Journey Home's Supportive Housing program provides 25 units of housing (from apartments to 3 & 4 bedroom homes) to help families transition from homelessness to sustainability and reintegration into community life. Support services include help with client-driven goal setting, budgeting, growing employment skills and opportunities, help with removing barriers to success, and much more. Additionally, through its Rapid Re-Housing program, The Journey Home moves 60+ homeless families into marketplace housing on an annual basis.

The Journey Home works closely with city and county officials, school systems, and other local organizations to maximize community impact and stretch resources. Our greatest joy is to see families who were homeless, serving and reaching out to others - telling their story and offering encouragement along the way.


The Journey Home relies on community involvement to continue this vital work. From local businesses that donate food and supplies, to churches, families, and organizations that provide financial support, volunteer services, and donations of various supplies and services, The Journey Home would cease to exist without the caring individuals who make up our community.

Stewardship and resourcefulness is important to our team. Many people give to keep our doors open - we do everything we can to stretch those dollars and supplies to achieve the greatest impact. Financial gifts help to keep the doors open and the kitchen operating; gifts of toiletries and other basic needs items go directly to individuals who come to the Outreach Center to access services.

Over the past 12+ years of service we have outgrown our space. In 2020 we anticipate moving to a new facility that will allow us to meet the current need for services, and give us a greater ability to engage people and help them move beyond merely stabilization into sustainability. This move will require a great deal more funds than are included in our annual budget, but it will result in a greater impact for our community. We look forward to seeing how God provides for this transition and growth. Will you join us?

CEO Statement

In Rutherford County, there are a number of small groups that provide a litany of services for the homeless and disadvantaged. The Journey Home serves as a primary gateway to connect folks with those services and provide a foundation of meeting basic needs in order that people who are struggling can take advantage of not only our services, but those of other community partners. We are also proud to have been involved in the engagement and development of several of these partners. In any effort to serve those in poverty, two needs must be met. First, there has to be a foundation meeting basic needs that makes it possible to stabilize existing situations and prepares people to have the hope and mindset to believe that something more is possible. Second, there has to be a wide-range of resources that support the plans that each person creates in order to move in a new direction and become reintegrated into community life. Relationships drive those changes. We are humbled to be able to provide a connecting point to begin the building of those relationships and journeys. Without a first step, there is no journey. Without community, there is no chance to become reintegrated in relationship with others. We are glad to be part of a community that cares about all it's members and believe God will continue to uniquely use this place and these people to do his will in this place. Geneva Poss, Director of Housing & Outreach

Board Chair Statement

The Journey Home began as a call God placed on my heart in 1982. Since it's beginnings in 2006, we have sought to follow God's lead in providing services that fill gaps we have in a fast-growing community. With rapid growth in general comes rapid growth in all population segments. We have seen a significant rise in the need for both affordable housing and poverty services in the county and city area. Slowly and methodically, we have worked to address these needs through our outreach center and by adding, to date, 25 affordable housing options not previously existing. It is our goal to continue to build on that not only through our organization but by building support and partnerships throughout the community, educating others of both needs and solutions. We have always felt called to work collaboratively within the community, as it really does take community to build community. We are currently helping to lead a community-wide effort to create a campus of services that will allow for more efficient coordination of services for the very-low income folks we serve. It is always challenging. Each family has needs specific to their situation. So many face a multitude of obstacles. A majority suffer from mental health and self-worth issues that make progress slow. But we are called by God to love our neighbors, to help the stranger, to serve. It is personal to our staff and the 1,500 or so volunteers that serve annually. Funding is always challenging, but we will follow the One that has led us in the past and are confident that He will provide for the needs of the future. Scott Foster, Executive Director/President and Founder

Service Categories

Primary Category: Housing, Shelter  - Low-Income & Subsidized Rental Housing 
Secondary Category: Food, Agriculture & Nutrition  - Food Programs 
Tertiary Category: Human Services  - Human Services 

Areas Served

Rutherford County, Tennessee

TN - Rutherford