510 Foundation
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510 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37206
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510 Foundation seeks to make the world a better place by helping those in greatest need and ensuring the next generation has opportunities to thrive. We accomplish our purpose through programming that provides physical nourishment and spiritual enrichment to all people in our community, including human services, athletics, art education, and scholarship programs.


Named simply for the street address of the church where the Foundation is located, 510 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that exists to invest in and support the needs of struggling families and individuals in East Nashville and beyond. Through generous gifts of community supporters, we as faithful stewards are striving to minister to the whole person, providing support and enrichment for body, mind, and spirit. From providing programs in the surrounding neighborhood to supporting global missions, the impact is far-reaching and eternal.510 Foundation is the brainchild of the congregants of Nashville First Church of the Nazarene (NFCN), the church that still houses the Foundation's operations today. As a 120-year fixture in the community, NFCN had seen the growth and development of the surrounding East Nashville neighborhoods. While creativity and innovation brought investment to the area, the members of the church could plainly see those investments were not reaching everyone who called East Nashville home. Through a generous legacy gift from a husband and wife who were long-standing congregation members, NFCN created the 510 Foundation and its endowment in 2012, with an intention to create direct service programming to fill in the gaps they saw around them. The Foundation's first program was thus named East Nashville Life, and the Foundation quickly grew to include services for the homeless (Emmaus and Cheryl's List), as well as services to working class neighbors and families to address such needs as access to counseling, English language learning, adult education, and extracurricular enrichment for their children (NazRec Youth Basketball League, Adonai Arts Academy, and the forthcoming LIFE Academy). Throughout every aspect of every program, Foundation staff and volunteers answer the call of their personal faith by bringing hearts of service and a desire to be useful and helpful to their work. The 510 Foundation's vision is based on a belief in neighbors helping neighbors and service to God through serving others.


In 2017, Cheryl's List assisted over 330 individuals with furniture and home furnishings as they moved into or maintained permanent, safe housing. By providing new mattresses and redistributing donated, gently used furniture and housewares, Cheryl's List made sure hundreds of Nashville area families where able to turn mere housing into "home sweet home.


Funding: Cheryl's List - warehouse rental ($12,000), mattress sets ($25,000), and home furnishings ($4,000). Adonai Arts Academy - youth scholarships ($5,000). NazRec - league scholarships for youth participants ($20,000). Emmaus - meals for weekly homeless dinners ($30,000). Life Counseling - counseling fees assistance ($15,000). LIFE Academy - staff, teachers, supplies ($50,000). General gifts made to the 510 Foundation allow us flexibility to maximize our on the surrounding community. Volunteers: Cheryl's List - 6 to help pick up and deliver donations. NazRec - 50 to assist with running the basketball season. Emmaus - any number to assist with Sunday dinners. Adonai Arts Academy - volunteers to work fundraisers and volunteer Christian music professionals to teach students. Donations: Cheryl's List - gently used furniture and household items. Adonai Arts Academy - art and office supplies, musical instruments. Emmaus - toiletries, warm clothing (coats, socks, underwear), and blankets to distribute to people experiencing homelessness. A box truck would help Cheryl's List significantly expand pickups and deliveries of donations.There is an ongoing need for donated space in churches or community centers for the growing number of Adonai Arts Academy dance students.

CEO Statement

At the most recent gathering of all the 510 Foundation program directors (Fall 2017), we took the time to allow each director to share their excitement in the day to day joy that occurs when the mission is realized. The synergy that came from that meeting was palpable. We all noticed an emerging pattern as we listened to each other: each program walks alongside and partners with every other program. And when we wondered aloud about it, the reason behind it became clear: we are called to minister to the whole person! 510 Foundation is experiencing great hope, as we can clearly see that we are living out our mission by ministering to the people of East Nashville through providing support and enrichment for their body, mind, and spirit!

Board Chair Statement

510 Foundation's mission in East Nashville and beyond is to comprehensively meet the needs of the whole person. The vision is to operate with excellence as we make a positive physical, economic, and emotional difference in people's lives. This is the driving force behind every initiative and blossoming program; we offer help, safety, enrichment, and relationship in all of our services. As 510 Foundation moves from its "infancy" to its "adolescence," our growing pains remind us that great things often succeed because of great effort. We continue to see unmet needs, but we know there are likeminded folks in the community looking to help others, as well. We are looking for those partners to walk alongside us on the next steps of this journey to become the positive force we've hoped to be in the lives of the people of East Nashville and beyond. We invite you to join us!

Service Categories

Primary Category: Human Services  - Human Services 
Secondary Category: Education  - Scholarships & Student Financial Aid 
Tertiary Category: Religion- Related  - Christianity 

Areas Served

East Nashville Life specifically serves the 37206 zip code area?the original neighborhood that inspired the creation of 510 Foundation. Adonai Arts Academy serves all of Nashville, with an emphasis on high-poverty Promise Neighborhoods; the Academy also has 2 satellite locations in neighboring Wilson County, whose tuition-paying students help subsidize free classes for Promise Neighborhood students. NazRec and Cheryl's List serve all Nashville and surrounding communities in contiguous counties.

TN - Davidson
TN - Robertson
TN - Sumner
TN - Wilson
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