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Nashville, TN 37209
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The Onsite Foundation provides trauma-informed counseling and emotional health education that transforms individuals and communities. The Onsite Foundation provides tools and resources, along with scholarships to best-in-class trauma-informed workshops, to ensure all persons have access to therapies and services regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or socio-economic status. The Onsite Foundation's efforts are focused on vulnerable and underserved populations including survivors of mass shootings, veterans, first responders, front-line mental health professionals, and parents who have lost children. The Onsite Foundation exists to ensure all persons affected by trauma, abuse, stress, or mental health issues receive the gift of emotional freedom.


The Onsite Foundation was founded in 1987 in South Dakota by a group of like-minded individuals who experienced how profoundly lives and relationships can change for the better if given the right help. They established Possibilities, Inc., as a charitable organization in an effort to bestow the gift of emotional healing to people who could not otherwise fund it for themselves. Over the next two decades, Possibilities, Inc., DBA The Onsite Foundation helped countless individuals, couples, and families in the form of grants and scholarships for professional emotional counseling and therapy.


The Onsite Foundation curates and underwrites therapeutic programs that address the underlying and prolonged emotional effects of trauma. The Onsite Foundation's programs support veterans and first responders struggling with PTSD through its Support In Service Program, parents who have lost a child in its Life After Loss Program and survivors of mass shootings in the Triumph Over Tragedy Program.

This year, the Onsite Foundation is adding an additional program for black therapists and mental health professionals called A Haven for Healers. Black mental health professionals are experiencing racial trauma, while holding space for a racially traumatized community. A Haven for healers is intended to be a supportive community for Black therapists, counselors, and social workers as they process their own feelings and needs, while also learning new experiential techniques to aid their community and clients.


The Onsite Foundation is experiencing increased demand for the trauma-informed counseling programs and rescourses that we underwrite and curate. We rely on contributions from generous individuals, socially aware corporations, businesses and grants to fund our programs.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Mental Health & Crisis Intervention  - Counseling 
Secondary Category: Human Services  - Victims' Services 
Tertiary Category: Mental Health & Crisis Intervention  - Mental Health Treatment 

Areas Served

The Onsite Foundation awards scholarships to individuals from Tennessee, where are primary offices are located, and from all across the United States, as well as Europe, and Central and South America.

TN - Davidson