Blessed Revelations
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P.O. Box 2281
Antioch, TN 37011
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Blessed Revelations' mission is to stop the generational cycle of homelessness for single mothers and their children by assisting them through counseling, educational and vocational placement for the mothers, and tutoring for the children. We will strive to help mothers create a stable family life and to secure the ultimate goal of bringing about permanent employment, housing and self-sufficiency.


'Blessed Revelations' was incorporated on 10-9-08 with an established Board of Directors. It is a non-profit organization and will be a transitional living program which will service single homeless mothers and young children. During an assessment phase, it will be determined by the referral agency and our agency if this is an appropriate placement for the family. They will participate in an individualized program while receiving housing for a designated period time whereas they will be given tools and taught skills that will enable them to become self-sufficient. This will,also, involve counseling and workshops, job training and educational attainments, and referrals to meet determined needs. It has been seen that women who are ill-equipped to take care of themselves due to educational and vocational limitations tend to fall prey to undesirable situations which place themselves and their children in undesirable and dangerous situations. It is our mission to try to reach this population of women to help remedy their situations and to provide a better lifestyle for their families and to discourage the possibility of turning to illegal means of coping which can have a trickling effect on their children.


We had a pampering spa on 12-10-12 to 5 mothers and 7 children from the Family Life Center of the Rescue Mission to raise up their self-esteem. Participant in the Ride 2 Thrive Community Event sponsored by Metro Social Services since 2013 to help people know about community services that are available. We have been providing tutoring at the Family Life Center and since July 13, 2013 on Thursdays. We have 4 teachers including the Executive Dir. as volunteers working currently and who have worked in the past or are currently working in the public school system. Because of the transient population, we tend to see a different child which makes it more difficult to evaluate them at this location. We have tutored 89 children during this time period. We started a 4- sessions Life Skills Classes on 4-4-14 for the students' mothers that regularly come to tutoring. We had a small number of mothers due to some working or finding employment, leaving because of finding housing and having to take care of matters pertaining to their homelessness. We were able to graduate 2 mothers on 4-24-14. The life skills classes will be on-going as we can service those mothers who will be there for the 4 weeks. It was provided by 2 volunteers-one a therapist and the other a trainer along with the Executive Director who is a counselor. The mothers felt that they benefited from these classes. We conducted a Summer Feeding Program sponsored by the Metro Action Commission, from June 6, 2016 through July 28, 2016. We served 638 meals-breakfast and lunch to Edgehill Homes' residents children and Hillside homes. We provided tutoring and took field trips weekly. We gave away clothing, shoes, back packs and school uniforms. We have been a part of the Kroger Community Rewards Program , Network for Good and Amazon since 2018 and are going toward enrolling 100 families. We set up an educational mobile lab at New Salem Church from 4-13 to 7-13. Presentation to pregnant mothers at Edgehill Homes, sponsored by Healthy Life/Healthy Families to encourage raising babies to be healthy . We have been operating our transitional living program since December of 2016 to November, 2018. There have been 6 families to come through the program and receive treatment and services. All of the families have been able to obtain independent housing from being homeless. We are able to house 2 families at one time with 2 children per mother. We are trying to raise funds to continue to provide treatment and services. Since that time, we have continued to minister to the community through providing support through counseling, referrals to other support agencies, donating school supplies and snacks to the children of the Family Life Center(2020) and donations to tornado victims(2021). Producing a newsletter "Transforming Lives" since 10-10-21 to raise awareness of the plight of homeless people. Ultimately, our goal is to have our own facility to house the mothers and children.


Operational Money- $48,000 expenses to provide housing and other related costs pertaining to fees and expenses for the transitional housing.

CEO Statement

Our organization will focused on servicing single mothers who have children 10 and under. We will be trying to reach children at this young age to teach the parents how to nurture and be mentors to their children.

Board Chair Statement

For many years I have wanted to help families in distressed situations get back on their feet and on to a safe, productive and fulfilling lifestyle. In the past I have participated with time and donations to Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless, made sandwiches to give out to the homeless, delivering for Meals on Wheels and volunteering at a childcare facility for homeless children in Atlanta, GA. In these volunteer efforts, every time I encountered the children I always wondered what else could I do. Then I was approached with this opportunity and said this is my chance to make a difference. There are many challenges that hinder these families from getting out of the shelters or off the streets and becoming active citizens in this great country of ours. Most have no form of childcare for their children so they can seek training, go on interviews, take classes or secure employment. Another major hurdle for these families of course is a stable and safe place to live. As well as a support system to keep the mother and child(ren) motivated to keep pressing forward. Those are the hurdles we are trying to help them overcome. But in doing this, we must aquire the funding to secure a facility to house our clients, for daily operating expenses such as utilities, insurance, maintenance, etc. To accomplish this, we are actively applying for grants to offset our costs. We are also seeking donations of computers, televisions, games, clothing, etc. that will be used to by the organization for administrative purposes as well as by the residences for further training, schoolwork and entertainment. We are also prepared to seek donations from local grocery and drug stores to get basic food and first aid supplies. On staff, we have skilled counselors that have previous work experience with troubled youth. They have dedicated their lifes' work to making a difference in the lives of people. Through this venture, the staff can provide the training and guidance needed to encourage and support the families as they move from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

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