Bloom Into Destiny
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PO Box 30023
Clarksville, TN 37040
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Bloom Into Destiny's mission is to help women overcome the effects of trauma and systematic barriers by dismantling the negative impact and providing programs and resources to recover from the effects of trauma and dependencies by arming them with the tools to find healing by rewriting the narrative of their past and to find their true self.


Bloom Into Destiny was birthed in 2004 by Founder/Executive Director N. Rochelle Brock Glover but officially became a 501c3 non-profit in 2021 that continues to advocate for women who are incarcerated, formerly incarcerated or have experienced any form of systematic challenges. We offer opportunities for women who suffer from post-Systematic challenges by offering programs and resources to overcome the effects of trauma, substance abuse and dependencies by arming them with the tools to find healing, transition into a sustainable future, and find their true identity.

The founder N. Rochelle Brock Glover fought her biggest battle; the battle to find herself! She made it her mission to figure out who she truly was and what she was here for! It was during that quest that she not only found out who she was but found other women with the same struggle. Upon her release in 2004, from incarceration, she took on the assignment of raising awareness about the challenges of both the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated women and women coming from systematic challenges such as welfare and homelessness. She stands as the Voice of Change that challenges everyone she comes in contact with to overcome where they've been and Bloom into Destiny. Bringing women together to tell the story in a safe place to bloom and a real and direct way to find the road to recover.


Bloom Into Destiny has worked under total volunteerisms for the past 14 years and the clarion call to impact the women population in TN due to the rising increase of women going to jail and prison, increase substance dependency due to the opioid crisis, COVID-19 and other systematic challenges facing women. Bloom Into Destiny saw the need to to help more women and open it doors in Tennessee. Bloom Into Destiny has completed 10 Cohorts through the "Bloom Project" with a total of 185 women and tracking their progress through mentorship. Out of the 185 that have been touched by Bloom Into Destiny, 168 are thriving, some becoming community advocates and are now operating as good citizens after incarceration or homelessness. The Bloom Project, and Access Granted addresses issues around trauma from abuse through a recovery programming, financial literacy and overall wellness to teach women how to establish feelings of safety and stability. We use different techniques through group therapy, journal therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. We now have 2 more cohort coming in the Fall of 2022 in both TN women's prison and the community in both Clarksville and Nashville.


Our needs are partners that can support our programs cost to create new cohorts at NO COST to the participants with sponsorships and those who like to volunteer their hours in group therapy and counseling to accommodate the needs to support every woman. Other needs are hygiene kits, stamps, journals and blank greetings cards.

CEO Statement

In my own reflection of my life as a formerly justice-impacted woman, people say to me your light is always SHINING! It is no mystery to my light, but my faith in God and I know what it is to live a life hopeless and broken, only to find redemption! In the words of Marianne Williamson, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. My motto is "sympathy without being moved to empathy, you fail to give a person dignity". My fear of my past no longer dictates who I am but it is the purpose that has allowed me to impact the women I touch every day as a Prison Chaplin and advocate for women!

As I erase and rewrite the narrative of my life every day, it becomes my driving force for other women like myself to let their light shine even through opposition and difficulties, even though fear comes and they want to give up, I tell them to shine anyway. Bloom Into Destiny advocates, supports and give resources for every woman whether justice-impacted, working mom, single-mom or the issues that women face from trauma, dependency and abuse, and feel their challenges are dimming the light that allows them to overcome and BLOOM! As an experienced leader in mapping out where you need to go to "win" as a person; it is my continually goal to help to create a dynamic, strong spiritual foundation, and inspiring organization. My number one is goal to allow others to thrive and grow to impact the community and women having a safe place to heal and rewrite their own stories.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Human Services  - Alliances & Advocacy 
Secondary Category: Crime & Legal - Related  - Rehabilitation Services for Offenders 
Tertiary Category: Human Services  - Alliances & Advocacy 

Areas Served

We serve women facing trauma and post-systematic challenges in both Montgomery County and Davidson County area.

TN - Montgomery
TN - Davidson