Preserve Lindsley Avenue Now Inc
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3 Lindsley Ave
Nashville, TN 37210
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Preserve Lindsley Avenue Now (PLAN) is a 501 (c )(3) organization dedicated to the historic preservation of Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ which is listed on the National Historic Registry.


PLAN was formed in 2015 as a separate nonprofit whose sole purpose is to restore the historic Lindsley Avenue church building. Built in 1894 as Grace Presbyterian Church, the building has always been a beacon of hope for the South Nashville community. We wish to continue the work of restoration to keep the church building available in their mission of helping 'the least of these,' including the homeless and children in poverty. To accomplish our goal of showing the love of Christ to all, we seek financial partners for the restoration of our beautiful building.


During the 12-month period ended June 30, 2019, PLAN completed two major projects as part of restoring the historic Lindsley Avenue Church building. First, the exterior wall facing Second Avenue was completely tuck pointed and cleaned, including the terracotta and decorative elements. This marked the completion of all of the masonry exterior of the church building. The tuck pointing, cleaning, and repair or replacement of every brick and stone took five years. The building is now sealed from rain which previously leaked into the interior drywall, causing unsightly peeling and damage. The second major project marked the beginning of restoring the interior of the building. New high-quality laminate flooring and cabinets were installed in the kitchen, classrooms and fellowship room. The kitchen was relocated nearer to the fellowship room and new appliances were installed. The original brickwork in the classrooms was uncovered, revealing its beauty. The work now is to restore the stain glass windows which attribute to water damage throughout the building. PLAN's work allows the congregation to realize it's ultimate goal to devote its financial resources to the work of helping 'the least of these.' In partnership with Room in the Inn and another local congregation, the church members teach Bible classes on Thursdays at the shelter and on Sunday mornings at Lindsley Avenue. The congregation provides the Bible students with breakfast and a bag lunch, in addition to bus passes and other assistance on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the congregation is working with Youth Encouragement Services (located on the other side of its parking lot) to host a monthly 'Super Duper Saturday' for neighborhood children, including those living in the Napier and Sudekum Homes. So far, the Super Duper Saturdays have included free of cost the following for the children: games, inflatable playground equipment, a petting zoo, hot dogs and drinks, indoor basketball, kite flying, back-to-school supplies, including back packs, clothing, and Bible stories.


PLAN needs $1.5 million for the cleaning and repair of the church's historic stained-glass windows, which date from 1885 to 1894 and has a designated campaign for this work. Longer-term, the building's lack of restrooms (only two 'one-person-at-a-time' exist now) and classroom space must be addressed.

CEO Statement

Please see the statement from the Board Chair. PLAN has no paid staff members. The trustees are a 'working' board who serve voluntarily in performing executive, administrative and fund-raising functions.

Board Chair Statement

Our building serves as the meeting place for the Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ. This congregation began meeting in a private home in South Nashville 164 years ago. David Lipscomb was one of our first elders. Our beautiful National Historic Register building is one-of-a-kind, and a survivor of the interstate development of the 1960's. Many other historic buildings in our neighborhood have been lost. With the rapid residential renewal of nearby Rolling Mill Hill, and South Nashville in general, and the planned revitalization of the Napier Homes, our church serves as a conspicuous and centrally-located landmark connecting the glory of the past to the exciting future of our community.

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Areas Served

The Lindsley Avenue church building is located on the corner of Lindsley Avenue and Second Avenue South, near downtown Nashville. It faces the Howard School municipal complex. The general neighborhood served is South Nashville. Specific sub-neighborhoods include Rutledge Hill, Rolling Mill Hill, Chestnut Hill, and the Napier and Sudekum housing complexes.

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