Healing Minds and Souls
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1813 Knowles St
Nashville, TN 37208
Organization Details



A faith based community dedicated to healing trauma through educational classes resources and fostering wholeness among the community.


Healing Minds and Souls (HMS) is a community to bring trauma informed care to the community by assisting individuals to realize and understand the importance of mental and behavior healthcare. HMS provide classes that engage social emotional learning. trigger recognition, coping strategies and address unsuccessful habits while providing tools and resources that assist individuals to become successful in life.


Healing Minds and Souls (HMS) community involvement address restoration of individuals, families and communities. By addressing and recognizing behavioral health issues through trauma informed care and intervention brings hope and healing to communities. Individuals are able to learn social emotional learning, trigger recognition, and coping strategies where they are able to co-exist in better and more- holistic ways with family and community. HMS provides a relational community where individuals engage classes, receive resources, and have access to collaborate with other organizations for their specific needs and goals.


Healing Minds and Souls (HMS) is located in the 37208-zip code. Unfortunately, this zip code represents a very high-rate of barriers and existing disparities among the community. While the area is located among historically Black colleges and businesses, poverty is rampant therefore trauma is most prevalent. Child poverty is 42% compared to the national rate of 14%. The incarceration rate is the highest in the country- 14% or one in every three men are incarcerated. Historical and generational trauma is directly related to the staggering statistics. We need behavioral, mental health care assistance, and organizations to assist individual, families and community to heal and thrive in more holistically ways.

CEO Statement

Our goal and mission for Healing Minds and Souls (HMS) is to involve community by addressing the healing and restoration of our families-minds and souls. HMS desires to normalize reaching out to receive behavioral and mental health care. Our goal is to address behavioral health issues through trauma recognition and intervention. HMS focuses on adult and youth realization and coping strategies. The goal is to pair participants with other agencies when greater assistance is needed. We recognize the importance of providing individuals with an outlet to express their feelings and concerns about their behavior care and provide strategies. In this way, individuals, families, and communities can fair well.

Board Chair Statement

Healing Minds and Souls (HMS) is a community organization birthed of the recognition from the impact of trauma on our community. We have developed and fostered an organization that is centered around healing. Through our programs we are able to impact the lives of our participants and provide strategies to confront and transcend adversity. It is our goal to provide relevant and relatable services and classes to improve our families and communities. We aspire to create a generational advantage in understanding behavior health, by normalizing mental health care. Our committed staff and volunteers believe in our mission and participants. Many volunteers share similar experiences and want to impact and encourage our participants to overcome obstacles. As we continue to grow, we strive to influence our participants in a positive aspect. Our long-term commitment is costly, but we are sure the reward will be priceless.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Community Improvement, Capacity Building  - Community Coalitions 
Secondary Category: Human Services  - Family Services 
Tertiary Category: Religion- Related  - Interfaith Coalitions 

Areas Served

Our geographic area served is in Nashville TN . In the zip code area of 37208.

TN - Davidson