Project E3
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501 Union St Suite 502
Nashville, TN 37219
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Project E3 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on student enrichment by providing resources for underserved students in grades K-12 to participate in established camps and programs throughout Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and the World.


In our inaugural summer, we provided twenty-six (26) kids the opportunity to participate in six different camps. From grants and donations, we were able to raise just over $25,000.

Our goal for the upcoming summer is to send four (4) kids to each camp for a full six (6) to (8) weeks for a complete summer camp experience.

The 2024 camps will potentially include:
Adventure Science Center
East Nashville Hope Exchange*
EF Educational Tours**
Elevated Development
First Tee
Flour Power
Nashville Children's Theatre
Nashville Freedom Schools*
Nike Tennis Camp
Youth About Business

Ultimately, we need funding for Project E3 to be a sustainable organization. While funding for programs is the primary goal, being able to hire staff and support personnel while offering a competitive wage and compensation package is a significant priority. As well as supporting our operational expenses that are inevitable for all organizations.


Financial resources are the most pressing need for Project E3 and the upcoming 2024 summer camps. As our increased funding grows, we will be able to provide more opportunities for K-12 students whose families' total household income is at or below United Way's ALICE Household Survival Budget Level. While our goal is to support these students, Our resources will cover:
1. Camp Registration Fees
While summer camps and programs allow kids to continue learning, developing skills, and interacting with other children from different backgrounds, it comes at a price. Quality summer programs range from $100 to $1500 a week. Travel expenses will be a considerable amount more.
2. Transportation
While camps are situated throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee, transportation to and from the camps is a major concern for most parents, who do not have access to reliable transportation or cannot transport their kid(s) to or from camp because of work responsibilities.
3. Employees
While the passion for this project is commendable, it will not be successful without employees to manage the day-to-day operations.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Youth Development  - Youth Development Programs 
Secondary Category: Human Services  - Children's and Youth Services 
Tertiary Category: Education  - Education N.E.C. 

Areas Served

The Project E3 participants are enrolled in a Metropolitan Nashville Public or Charter School. Geographically, the experiences our students will encounter throughout the summer are in Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and worldwide.

TN - Davidson