Homework Hotline
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4805 Park Avenue
Nashville, TN 37209
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Hotline provides free, one-on-one tutoring by phone and online chat to TN K-12 students and their parents/guardians from 3-8pm CST Monday through Thursday during the school year. Hotline focuses on improving educational outcomes for TN students, specifically those from underserved, low-income families, who are unwilling or unable to attend school-based or after-school tutoring, and those who need bilingual services.

Hotline currently partners with 45 districts who invest in this goal. In 2021-22, Hotline completed over 7,650 tutoring sessions and served 2,550+ unique individuals. The success of these sessions is due in part due to Hotline's technology features like texting Hotline images of assignments, working out problems in real-time using an online whiteboard, or sharing essays digitally with Hotline teachers. Hotline also provides weekly callback tutoring to students seeking consistent help.

Program Successes
One parent of 8th grader DD wrote, "Homework Hotline has indeed been a BIG HELP in D's progress. Since tutoring has started I've noticed D's behavior concerning math has changed. He doesn't seem as intimidated as before. I often listen in while he is on the line for tutoring and he is answering more questions correctly and appearing to understand the work better! I pray that this has helped with his grades at school, although it [is] still early I credit the hotline for his new found motivation."

MN's parent wrote, "We reached out to Hotline because we saw the hard time our 5th grader was having In Math. We expected our daughter to get a better understanding of the subject matter. Before Homework Hotline, my 5th grader was a D-F student. Now she is a C - B student she even got an A in English on her last report card. Our favorite part of Hotline is the weekly sessions with our coach. We look forward to working with our coach every week and plan to keep up with the work."

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At-Risk Populations
K-12 (5-19 years)
Long-term Success
Hotline's long term goal is to develop intentional partnerships with all TN school districts so that K-12 TN students and their gaurdians, no matter their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, native language, disability, access to transportation, or type of school, know about Hotline's services and feel empowered to contact Hotline. In turn, these students will gain academic confidence and success as they receive the quality support they need and deserve.

Short-term Success
In 2021-22, Hotline:
- supported students in 7,654 sessions of one-on-one tutoring.
- provided 3,922 hours of tutoring.
- helped 2,552 students and parents.
- ensured 94% of students successfully finished their assignment and reported understanding the concept.
- ensured 88% of students given a post-test proved mastery.
- provided Sonic Drive In Multiplication Flashcards to 35,000 middle Tennessee 3rd graders.
- distributed 540,000 promotional items to students.
- provided support to students who spoke a home language other than English in 17% of sessions.

Goals for 2022-23:
- Complete at least 8,000 tutoring sessions (5% growth)
- Target services to students from low-income families or at-risk schools
- Increase by 5% per year the number of students who participate in weekly callback tutoring
- Increase funding from individuals and school districts to provide more stability, infrastructure, and support

Program Success Monitored By
Hotline uses a comprehensive web-based database to collect data and track sessions and students. This database allows Hotline to collect information about schools and school districts and ensures that Hotline can review the percentage of students from each school who are economically disadvantaged in addition to other demographics. Hotline's teachers will continue to track each session as it occurs to record specific data points.

During a student's first session, Hotline's teachers will assign the caller a unique codename so that students remain anonymous but trackable. Codenames are associated with a student's grade, school, district, internet availability at home, and home language. Once the codename is assigned, each session will be tied to the student's unique codename and teachers will collect information, including the subject, date, time, duration of call, language spoken for the call, textbook or worksheet used, description of the concepts covered, and more.
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CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

Homework Hotline is a non-profit that provides free one-on-one academic assistance, by phone or online chat, to struggling students or their parents. Students call or chat from their locations and they can share images of their assignments, join an online whiteboard in real-time with our teachers, or share an essay digitally.

We speak their languages - English, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Mandarin, Swahili, and Spanish. We hire certified teachers. Students can spend only five minutes or as many as two hours speaking with our teachers to reach comprehension with difficult concepts.

The majority of students live in low-income neighborhoods and many attend failing schools. Many of them have working parents who aren't at home to help, who can't yet speak English, whose parents never learned the material themselves, or who cannot travel to or afford after school tutoring.

Their only common factor? A wish to succeed.