Nashville Teacher Residency
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1224 Martin Street
Nashville, TN 37203
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The Nashville Teacher Residency is a one-year state approved EPP (Education Preparation Provider) with a mission to develop and license teachers from diverse backgrounds and experiences who honor the dignity of every student. NTR residents are paired with outstanding Mentor Teachers and gradually assume full classroom responsibilities while taking hands-on, practice-driven coursework from NTR staff at night. Residents are full-time employees of their Partner Schools, earning a salary equivalent to that of an Educational Assistant or paraprofessional.
Education  - Elementary & Secondary Education 
Black/African American
Long-term Success
101 Licensed Teachers

Racial & Ethnic Makeup
51% identify as a person of color
47% Black and/or African-American
49% White
2% Asian
1% Hispanic

Short-term Success
This data is taken from this year's (SY2223) cohort:

24 Residents at 15 schools across 4 districts/networks
Residency Partner School Placement: 79% MNPS; 21% charter
Content Area:
66.67% Secondary ELA, 12.50% Biology, 12.50% Middle School Mathematics, 8.33% Middle School Science
33.33% in high needs content areas (math & science)
Racial & Ethnic Makeup:
54% identify as a person of color
50% Black and/or African-American
37.5% White
8.33% Middle Eastern North African
4.17% Asian
62.5% female
37.5% male
Grow your own: 20.83%
Employed by MNPS in SY2021-2022: 45.83%
Local to Nashville
62.5% of Residents have been in Nashville > 5 years
75% of Residents have been in Nashville > 3 years
Attended MNPS: 20.83%
First Generation College Graduates: 33.33%

Program Areas Served