Narrow Gate Foundation
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P.O. Box 267
Duck River, TN 38454
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Narrow Gate Lodge provides a tuition-free residential Christian discipleship experience for young men ages 18-25 who desire to find vision and purpose for life. Our eight-month residential experience provides biblical education and character training to raise up young men as godly leaders. No young man begins Narrow Gate Lodge alone, but instead, a young man is introduced to other students who will walk the journey with him. This cohort format promotes unity and teaches them to love one another. Together the students journey through three distinct program phases: Foundation consists of 35 days living almost completely outdoors on a hillside of our property. Students are stripped of distractions such as media, cell phones and music so they can focus on seeking God and getting to know their classmates. Their days consist of work projects, outdoor adventures and introductory-level Bible studies. The second phase, Community, lasts four to five months and allows young men to move into a dormitory-style barn. Students continue working, serving the community, participating in more intensive Bible studies and receive practical life training by cooking their own meals, conducting household chores, and receiving feedback from staff that promotes positive decision-making. During the last phase, Service, the young men gain back additional comforts of life as they move into a bed-and-breakfast-style lodge and prepare to transition back to the community. Each young man will leave with a personal Vision & Purpose Statement which will help guide their decisions for the rest of their life. Our Graduates gain life-changing skills while at Narrow Gate Lodge which helps them thrive as they journey throughout the rest of their lives.
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