Foston Foundation
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1510 Demonbreun St
Nashville, TN 37203
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(Foston Foundation Find) Your Guide, Gift, Give Back)
The main program of the Foston Foundation is trifocal, Steps 1, 2, & 3. Our main goal is to find the gift in any teenager. who will be referred to us.
Step One Before we can accomplish that task, we will offer six free courses to a staff person at any youth serving agency in Middle Tennessee to sensitize, educate and advocate for advanced training for adults who work with youth that can be likened to Navy Seals of Mentoring
Step Two Begins the 18 additional hours of GUIDE training to paid youth organizations participants and non affiliated adults undergirded with a philosophy of Holistic Mentoring
Step Three Begins with working directly with adolescents to model the technique during the GUIDE Apprenticeship and to provide a resources for the community, specializing in at-risk youth

Program Successes
The success of Step 3 will be measured by the review of the Teen's Portfolio which will tract their participation in Community events that celebrate the end of each Module. They will be allowed to choose the aspect of the Group Project they would like to work on and make their contribution.
Mental Health & Crisis Intervention  - Creative Arts Therapy 
Black/African American
At-Risk Populations
Long-term Success
The long term success of the program will be determined by the number and attendance of completed community projects and the number of students enrolled in nurturing experiences. We will also be asking the teens who have successfully found their gifts to assist in the modules helping other teens.
Short-term Success
The Pre-step One will involve offering six free courses to a person of the staff of any Middle Tennessee Youth Serving Agency for them to see for themselves the benefit of the GUIDE training. Success of this step will be measured by the number of agencies who take advantage of this free course offering.
The success of Step One will be measured by the number of Trained GUIDES who have completed 20 Hours of didactics and received their certificates of completion in Basic Training, Holistic Mentoring I
And II and Apprenticeships in the Literary, Music &Technology, Performance, and Arts and Crafts modules. It will also be evaluated by their work with their Assigned teen. This will involve a staff and peer review of their portfolio of activities.

Program Success Monitored By
The success of Step Two will be measured by the number of teens referred to the Program and the difference between their initial and subsequent evaluations. Each teen will be given an initial Holistic Mentoring Assessment Score. Their interactions will be designed to enhance that score. The assessment will be repeated at regular three-month intervals to coincide with their completion of a Module. This will allow their success to be measurable and pinpointed
Program Areas Served
Initially middle Tennessee with emphasis in Davidson and Montgomery County