Jason Foundation, Inc.
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18 Volunteer Drive
Hendersonville, TN 37075
Organization Details

Executive Director

Executive Director Mr. Clark Flatt
E-mail clarkflatt@jasonfoundation.com
Term Start October 1997
Clark's Experience: Clark Flatt, President of The Jason Foundation, Inc. (JFI), earned a BS in Business Administration from Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee and a Master of Divinity in Education/Counseling from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The Jason Foundation, Inc. (JFI) was founded in October of 1997 after the tragic death of Clark's youngest son, Jason - age 16, to the "Silent Epidemic" of youth suicide. Since its founding, JFI has grown to be one of the nation's leading non-profits addressing the national health problem of youth suicide. Literally starting on a "kitchen table", JFI has grown from it first budget of $2,700 to a 2024 budget exceeding $13 million. JFI's corporate office is located in Hendersonville, TN. Visit our website to learn more about The Jason Foundation, our Partners and programs: www.jasonfoundation.com .

Co-Executive Director

Co-Executive Director Mrs. Michele Ray
E-mail micheleray@jasonfoundation.com
Term Start October 1997
Michele's Experience: Michele Ray serves as the CEO of The Jason Foundation, Inc. With over twenty-five years of non-profit experience, she began her non-profit career as Chief Financial Officer and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. In 2012, she was promoted to Chief Executive Officer and currently holds that title. Prior to her non-profit career, Ms. Ray worked in the Insurance Industry as an office manager and Underwriter.


Full Time Staff 15
Part Time Staff 1
Volunteers 50
Contractors 0
Retention Rate 76%

Plans & Policies

Does your organization have a Fundraising Plan? Yes
Does your organization have a Strategic Plan? Yes
Years Strategic Plan Considers 3
When was the Strategic Plan adopted? December 2018
Does your organization have a Management Succession Plan? Yes
Does your organization have a Policy and Procedure Plan? Yes
Does the organization have a Nondiscrimination Policy? Yes
Does the organization have a Whistle Blower Policy? Yes
Does the organization have a Document Destruction Policy? Yes


Is there a formal evaluation for... Frequency (if applicable)
CEO/Executive Director Annually
Senior Management Yes Annually
Non-Management Yes Annually

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

The Jason Foundation's National Network of Affiliate Offices , also known as our 'Five Stones', is truly the heart of our organization. Based on the Biblical story of David facing Goliath, JFI relates to David facing the giant of suicide. Within the story, David chooses five stones to face the giant. JFI did exactly that by choosing five companies to work with to form our National Clinical Network, each of which offers a unique talent to aid in our mission. When talking about The Jason Foundation's Five Stones Network and budget, it is vitally important to explain our in-kind budget model, and how it affects our overall income and expense accounts. While many non-profits report in-kind contributions, which usually consist of a one-time physical product or service provided, The Jason Foundation in-kind contributions are uniquely different. The 'heart' of JFI lies within our 'Five Stones' National Community Affiliates, a partnership with five of the leading behavior health companies in the nation. This collaberation creates the nation's largest network of affiliate offices serving communities in all fifty states to prevent youth suicide. JFI's National Five Stones Network currently consists of 219 locations in 35 states. The Jason Foundation utilizes its relationship with the Five Stones to provide programs and services throughout the country. Each National 'Stone' is charged with providing office space and personnel in their facilities all over the nation. Each facility that partners with The Jason Foundation agrees to choose minimally one person to be the JFI representative for their respective community. Most often, these facilities have up to five or more individuals working as Jason Foundation representatives. Each office is provided with an annual business plan and is committed to reporting to a Divisional Director within the JFI Corporate office. As more community affiliate offices are added, more staffing is needed to manage those offices, and there is an increase in overall program expenses, which include program development and shipping in addition to the management of those offices. This in-kind contribution can further be explained as follows: A good example would be someone giving you a new car for transportation without tires, oil, gas or a driver. A great gift, but one that will create expenses if you are to utilize it. This example helps explain the "gift" of 219 Regional Affiliate Offices that have to be managed, trained, supported by The Jason Foundation corporate office which creates the expenses to utilize this network annually. Each affiliate office has a unique business plan, divisional director support, monthly training and monthly reporting to The Jason Foundation corporate. Our National Five Stones in the above example have provided the car / transportation vehicle for our programs by providing the affiliate offices. The Jason Foundation provides the tires, oil, gas and driver - the organization and management - to utilize the "transportation" model. JFI has recently added an additional community outreach program called our 'Pillar Division', whereby JFI affiliate offices are placed in communities that may be under-served.