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P.O. Box 2806
Brentwood, TN 37024
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Every day, people in the greater Nashville area are hungry - many are physically hungry, and others are hungry for a second chance. Cul2vate is a nonprofit in Nashville, Tennessee comprised of a group of people working hard to impact our community by growing food and growing people. Fresh, local, nutritious produce tended to on the farm is harvested and then distributed directly to those in need in conjunction with partner organizations such as The Nashville Food Project, The Branch, OneGenAway, Mercy Chefs, and The Heimerdinger Foundation. The budding farmers growing these crops are called "Cul2vators". They are employed on the farm and trained right on site. The Cul2vators are given time rest and contemplate their next steps while cultivating the land. Many Cul2vators have faced incarceration and/or are in recovery from addiction. For example, a strong partnership with Men of Valor helps to create two support systems for men out of incarceration.

These funds will be directed to job training and placement for the men and women we employ on a seasonal basis. During their employment with Cul2vate, men and women out of incarceration and/or in recovery are employed on the farm, given a time of rest, and assisted in their next steps. It is imperative that these men and women reengage in community in a safe and supportive manner. They will then work to find future employment with a network of partners. Many Cul2vate graduates come back to volunteer on the farm regularly. Cul2vators have gone on to full- time work in agriculture and others to work in hospitality. Several also work for other partner nonprofits. Four of Cul2vate's current full-time employees are graduates of the Cul2vate program - the Farm Manager, the Coordinator of Retail & Food Safety and Assistant, and a Site Manager.


Cul2vate begin here in Nashville in 2016. The vision was to farm tomatoes in 2 greenhouses and provide nourishment to those in need. That vision has now grown into a 7 acre farm with 4 greenhouses as well as outdoor plots. Cul2vate has also delved into gardens in conjunction with community partners and farms over 16 acres! Cul2vate has become a community hub for food production and distribution to those in need. Since its inception, over 750,000 pounds of fresh produce has gone to hep the food insecure in Williams and Davidson Counties, TN ,and surrounding areas. 60 Cul2vators have worked on the farm, and many come back to volunteer or mentor new workers. Cul2vate also currently employs 4 former Cul2vators full-time.


Cul2vate utilizes about 8 acres of previously unused land at the Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville TN. The farm has 4 crop tunnels (greenhouses). Two of the greenhouses now have 'wet walls' to help control temperatures in the summer and a boiler to generate heat in the winter. The greenhouses also boast the latest technology, allowing us to monitor, water, and fertilize plans with the click of a button! The remainder of the land has outdoor plots where everything from corn to squash to peppers and pumpkins are grown during different seasons. Cul2vate has expanded their food footprint by utilizing partner gardens. With 3 large partner sites and 5 smaller sites, Cul2vate is working with churches, community partners, and more to increase production and access to nutritional produce. In 2023, Cul2vate has surpassed its goal of growing 250,000 pounds of food by producing 300,000 pounds of produce in one year!

Cul2vate continues to participate in the Crieve Hall Farmin' in the Hall farmers market. Produce can also be purchased from the Cul2vate Farm Store on site during peak season. Over 80,000 pound of produce has been donated to those in need to date. Cul2vate provides fresh, healthy vegetables to those in need in conjunction with many community partners - OneGenAway, Project Access Nashville, The Nashville Food Project, and more. Cul2vate's prevailing mission is to feed the hungry - both physically and spiritually. As we continue to grow and follow God's path, we hope to impact other areas of Tennessee and beyond. We also provide a platform for many volunteers - individuals, groups, schools, churches, and corporations have added to the thousands of people who visit the farm annually.

We recently completed an Impact Study, and the data revealed that Cul2vate Graduates have seen positive life changes as a result of working with Cul2vate.


Cul2vate has gained traction locally and even nationally with our simple yet heartfelt mission. Our current fiscal needs are related to expansion. We need to strategically add staff to assist with the ongoing changes and challenges of running a farm, training people, and keeping up with operations. We also look to continue to improve our greenhouses and outdoor plots via technology, irrigation systems, and heating elements to be able to grow food in the winter. We also endeavor to expand our barn to create a space where other farmers can gather to learn proper food safety techniques. Such capital costs can be large for such a small farm. We also seek to be able to provide great volunteer experiences and opportunities for the community at large.

CEO Statement

More than ever, food sources need to be localized and marginalized communities reached with food and employment. Cul2vate continues to engage people, love them, and disciple them as we provide something our society desires. We will seek to engage in Christ-centered conversations regarding food, food deserts, and breaking the cycle of poverty. We look forward to seeing where God leads us as we follow His example in our 8th year of operation. Cul2vate is excited to be a part of and ongoing, ever-changing conversation with local and national partners regarding food production and insecurity. It is our hope to be come a model farm and resource for other small urban and rural farms.

Board Chair Statement

Cul2vate has a very clear mission, which it takes from the words of Christ in Matthew 25:35. We seek out food deserts right here in Middle Tennessee and provide food to those who are physically hungry. We use our farms as a place to introduce people to the love of Christ - a place to disciple, train, and equip them for the future that He has for them. We are looking forward to expanding our impact and continuing to engage in conversations with local and national governments.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Food, Agriculture & Nutrition  - Food Programs 
Secondary Category: Human Services  - Human Services 
Tertiary Category: Employment  - Job Training 

Areas Served

Cul2vate continues to provide fresh vegetables to people in Middle Tennessee. Ministry partners include One Generation Away, Project Access Nashville, the Nashville Food Project, and more. We seek to provide produce to those in need. Our Cul2vators reside in Nashville, Brentwood, Antioch, and even further out. As Cul2vate expands with smaller community gardens and training, we will reach even further.

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