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1820 Downs Boulevard
Franklin, TN 37064
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New Hope Academy is a Christ-centered school educating children of diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds by establishing a Biblical worldview and preparing each child to flourish academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.


In 1991, a Williamson County church answered a distinct calling to become the catalyst for lasting change in the low-income neighborhoods of Franklin. Knowing that the long-term effectiveness of this task demanded more than mere crisis intervention, they enlisted the aid of a young teacher, Paige Overton, who began to investigate innovative methods of prevention. The vision became clear in a conversation with eight-year-old Marquez. When asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, he replied, 'Play football.' 'What if you can't play football,' Paige responded. 'Play basketball,' he said. 'Suppose you can't play sports,' Paige continued, 'what would you want to do?' Marquez shrugged his shoulders. 'I guess . . . work at McDonald's.' The words of Proverbs 29:18 rang true. Where there is no vision, the people perish. Convinced that education was the key to ending the cycle of poverty and resignation, Paige and her team saw their mission clearly: They would bring the children of Franklin new hope. New Hope Academy was incorporated as an independent, not-for-profit, non-denominational elementary school in 1995, and opened its doors on the historic campus of Battle Ground Academy to thirty-three students in August of 1996. In November 2000, New Hope broke ground on a 33,000-square-foot building that serves Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade with sixteen classrooms, art and music rooms, a library, and a computer lab. We believe this is only the first page of our history. The community of visionaries that defines New Hope Academy continues to ignite hope and transform the culture in which we live.


New Hope alumni consistently excel in the higher grades and assume leadership roles in their subsequent schools. They are succeeding, and that success breaks the cycle of poverty and brings hope to their communities. Our graduating sixth graders are heavily recruited from area private schools. The president of a local private school commented on why they recruit New Hope students: 'New Hope understands that character education is central to impacting our culture. New Hope provides a unique and valuable contribution to this community. Their students who enter BGA thrive because of the excellent preparation they have received. We are a better community because of New Hope's presence.' Another local school sent a letter highlighting the achievements of our alumni. 'Of the twenty-eight New Hope students at that school, twenty-one are on the honor roll, six are in the National Honor Society (one is president), and two are in Youth and Government (one is vice president). Others are successful in the arts with lead roles in the musicals, dance, band, and choir.' New Hope students are succeeding, regardless of their race, culture or economic background.


New Hope Academy's top 5 most pressing needs:

1) One year scholarship for low income student - $14,700
2) Classroom sponsor - $3,000
3) Faculty support - $5,000
4) School bus - $50,000
5) Equipment for Outdoor Classroom - $10,000

CEO Statement

The goal of every nonprofit is to improve their community. For New Hope Academy that means looking at the broken places in our community and determining how best to heal them. In a county recognized for having one of the premier public school systems in Tennessee, many disadvantaged children remain in the same cycle of generational poverty as their parents and grandparents. We are committed to breaking that cycle. Since our founding in 1996 we have broadened access to educational opportunity for economically vulnerable and socially disconnected children and families in our area. It is a school where more than 200 students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade benefit in an environment that is rich in economic, racial, and cultural diversity. Stereotypes of race, culture, and social class are shattered as families connect in the New Hope community. Our alumni are recruited by local private schools and enthusiastically welcomed into our public schools. New Hope graduates are known for their character, love of learning, and leadership qualities. We know they are sowing precious seeds of change as they move beyond our walls. The stories are amazing. In my time here as Head of School, I am continually humbled by the way God is building a kingdom community around the mission of New Hope Academy.

Dr. Tonja L. Williams
Head of School

Board Chair Statement

At New Hope Academy, different races, cultures, and economic backgrounds are intentionally reflected in our student body. This diversity creates a rich learning environment for our students, incites in our students the understanding that all of us are created differently, yet equal, and provides a dynamic picture of the Kingdom of God in all its fullness and beauty. I believe all of our students are being equipped for a bright future. We faithfully reserve 40 to 50 percent of our seats for children from low-income families, making it possible for all our students regardless of their resources or backgrounds to have the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. New Hope Academy has a proven track record of success. Our students are sought by the best college preparatory schools in the area. The superior education they receive at New Hope Academy not only prepares them to excel in their education, but it also prepares them to succeed in life. At New Hope, academic development is matched with an equal emphasis on character development and spiritual development. The result is that our students are ready to lead and make meaningful and significant contributions to their communities when they graduate and move forward in their lives. Hope is contagious. As our students get a glimpse of who God has made them to be and what is possible for their lives, they start to dream. It doesn't take long before that sense of possibility spreads to a child's parents, grandparents, their neighborhood, and their community. New Hope Academy is an agent of change in our community and far beyond our walls. I am honored to do everything I can to further our mission as I serve our board, our parents, and our students this year.

Erica Mitchell
Chair of the Board of Trustees

Service Categories

Primary Category: Education  - Elementary & Secondary Schools 
Secondary Category: Religion- Related  - Christianity 
Tertiary Category: Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy  - Intergroup/Race Relations 

Areas Served

TN - Davidson
TN - Maury
TN - Williamson
TN - Hickman
TN - Bedford
TN - Humphreys