Aventura Community Schools
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3010 Tuggle Avenue
Nashville, TN 37211
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Our mission is to elevate peace and justice by inspiring our diverse community to live as curious global citizens dedicated to changing the world..

Following their K-8 journey at Aventura Community School, students will graduate with academic mastery and curiosity, global competence including biliteracy in English and Spanish, and a track record of positive contribution to their community that together ensure they are prepared for success in high school, college, and a meaningful life.


Aventura Community School is a new K-8 charter school authorized in July 2021 by the Metro Nashville Public Schools district. The school opened in Southeast Nashville in 2022 with grades K-1 and will grow to serve ~900 students in grades K-8 by 2029.

The school model was developed by parents and educators with decades of experience in local and international public, charter, and private schools in collaboration with many nonprofit and education leaders with deep roots in the Nashville community. Families and community organizations are excited about this new opportunity for students to develop biliteracy in English and Spanish as well as global competence which will serve them well in our increasingly diverse and interconnected society.


After ten years of operation, Aventura Community School aspires to prove to the city of Nashville what is possible in public education. We will be a model of an intentionally diverse, dual-language school with a successful progressive, child-centered approach that other local and national schools can learn from. The inspiring and supportive professional culture we create for our staff will not only lead to improved outcomes for our students, but will make working at Aventura more purposeful and sustainable. Aventura's teacher retention rate will be one of the highest in Nashville, and teachers from around the region will want to work at Aventura because of the development opportunities and work-life-balance we offer. Similarly, we will be a preferred educational option for families in Nashville who value a well-rounded, bilingual, globally competent educational program for their children.


As a new school that opened in 2022 there are significant startup needs to ensure that Aventura is is strong in our founding years and will be set up to sustain in serving Nashville families for generations to come. Areas of need include:

-Community outreach and engagement events
-Marketing to support enrollment and hiring
-Classroom supplies and bilingual literacy materials
-Professional development for founding staff
-Financial support of school initiatives

Service Categories

Primary Category: Education  - Charter Schools 
Secondary Category: Public & Societal Benefit  - Leadership Development 
Tertiary Category: Arts, Culture & Humanities  - Cultural & Ethnic Awareness 

Areas Served

TN - Davidson