The Kayson Kids Foundation
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4401 Sandpiper Lane
Antioch, TN 37013
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We are committed to celebrating the lives of children hoped for, living and deceased. Creating indelible events and meaningful activities for families of our community with Christ as our foundation.


The Kayson Kids Foundation was established in September 2020. In 2014 the Founder & CEO of this organization was faced with losing her child to Pulmonary Hypoplasia. The underlying cause: Extreme Prematurity. At this time, this appeared to be an unspoken topic in the African American community. Burdened by grief, Kestiny began to share her testimony with her therapist, friends and family as a form of release. To her surprise, there were many women who had lost children, even close friends and family members who never felt comfortable openly discussing the loss of their child(ren) whether it was to Extreme Prematurity, Miscarriage, Still Birth, SIDS, Ectopic Pregnancy, Abortion to name a few. Alcohol and substance abuse became the well-known coping mechanisms. This led to the idea of prayer and small groups for women and families who are having difficulties with conception and PCOS, along with families who are considering Adoption and Foster Care. As a devoted mother to 5 living children and dedicated Aunt, Kestiny couldn't fathom creating a space for the deceased and hoped for child without acknowledging our future: the living children of this world. As a parent for many years of a low-income family, it was Kestiny's desire to create memorable moments for children of low-income families. Specifically, birthday celebrations. Whether you're a two-parent household struggling to make ends meet or a single parent home, The Kayson Kids Foundation's hope and prayer is to put a lasting impression on your child's face and memory. "We are the heart, soul and footprints of children." Hoped for | Living | Deceased


The Kayson Kids Foundation is committed to illustrating change in the lives of our children, families and community by celebrating the life of each child we encounter before, during and after the pulse. In 2020, The Kayson Kids Foundation partnered with The Pencil Foundation to feed families during a tumultuous year for Nashville, Tennessee after a tornado struck, which was also the opening year of a global pandemic. In 2021, services were provided to a single mother of three small children. A birthday celebration honoring a 3-year-old baby girl. A child is sponsored monthly in West Africa in partnership with Compassion International, supplying food, clothes, shoes, books, medications and PPE supplies for COVID. A family received financial assistance for burial costs for two teenage children who were innocently murdered during a home invasion. One of our families will soon be adoptive parents, The Kayson Kids Foundation was able to purchase essential items for this child upon their arrival to this home. We were also privileged to write recommendation letters for the parents and pray for the coming of this child from the very start of this journey. In addition, we have been afforded the opportunity to share stories with other grieving mother's openly, provide photoshoots free of charge to families, hair care services, meals and conversation free of judgement. Our plan is to continue these services but on an even larger scale.


• Prayer
• Funding
• Physical Location w/ Office & Storage Space
• Annual Professional Development for Staff
• Diverse Partnerships (Therapists, Coaches, Teachers, Cosmetologists, Ministers, Volunteers, Doctor's, Social Worker's, Lawyer's, etc.)

CEO Statement

For me, this is much more than a Nonprofit Organization. This is my experience first-hand. I vowed to keep my son's name and legacy alive for generations to come. This is my same goal for the family of every deceased child we encounter. I want my living children to feel celebrated and appreciated every year that God has granted them time on this earth. With each parents' permission, that is the same goal I have for every living child we come in contact with. For every man or woman that has ever hoped for a child, my 4-year-old daughter is living proof that there is a rainbow of hope after every storm.

Matthew 19:14 reads, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." My son was welcomed in heaven with open arms.

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