Fashioned In His Image Total Women's Center, Inc.
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858 West Trinity Lane
Nashville, TN 37207
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Our mission is to empower women and teen girls to be healthy and productive by applying Christian principles to everyday living.


Fashioned In His Image (FIHI) was founded in 1982 under the ministry of Born Again Church in an effort to touch the lives of women who were experiencing marital problems and mental and physical abuse. The organization evolved into a non-profit entity under the name of Fashioned In His Image Total Women's Center, Inc. in December 2000 to meet the growing demand for faith-based services in the Nashville community. Today, FIHI provides outreach services to thousands of women and families throughout Nashville/Davidson County, including college campuses and surrounding counties in Tennessee. Programs are designed to allow participants the opportunity to develop and strengthen relationships, as well as enhance personal and professional development. Life skills classes are offered to assist and promote physical, emotional and spiritual guidance, as well as activities that include recreation, crafts, drama presentations, and music and dance performances. Annual conferences are hosted with speakers and attendees from around the world on spiritual growth and enrichment topics.


Our outreach programs have met with much success and we have received many testimonies of women overcoming challenges and obstacles, going on to establish solid, healthy relationships and families and becoming valuable contributors to their communities. In the last six years, FIHI has served nearly 1,400 youth through its partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools and the Tennessee Department of Heath to teach the benefits of abstaining from sexual activity until marriage and to develop character traits that prepare youths for future-oriented goals and healthy relationships. This investment will allow FIHI to increase the number of students served in the schools and colleges and make a viable impact in the community. We participated in The Community Foundation's initiative of 'The Big Payback' for the fourth year in May 2018 and successfully raised nearly $1,000 for our organization. In July 2017, we held our first Keepers of the Heart Girls' Retreat at Five Star Retreat Center for four days. 23 young women and 24 leaders attended. We covered the abstinence program curriculum, and covered such topics as identity, true beauty from God's perspective, how to hang in there during difficult times, and the importance of being God-centered despite changing times. On January 20, 2018, FIHI hosted its 2nd Community Outreach Luncheon where women and men who exemplify exceptional service through volunteerism were honored. Two young emerging leaders received our CIRCLE OF LIFE Scholarship. In November 2019, FIHI hosted an international women's conference where hundreds of women attended and learned about spiritual growth topics. Our My Sister's Keeper program has expanded to three college campuses in Middle Tennessee and Memphis. Our financial goal is to continue to remain solvent and participate in several fundraising efforts to meet our budget. Lastly, we are focusing on the goal of marketing our programs and increasing volunteerism. FIHI has seen increases in the following areas: Social and emotional development of youth; Parent and family engagement; Service learning opportunities; and Opportunities for youth involvement in pro-social activities; 2019-2020 Goals: Restructure programs, Increase awareness of our organization, Develop targeted relationships with community partners, Raise funds to support our programs. In 2020, FIHI suspended its operations due to COVID-19 and prepared to move our program and operations to another facility. In 2023,, FIHI hosted it's Next Level Conference where over 300 women and girls gathered to learn life skills, attend spiritual growth and development workshops, and participate in relationship-building activities. We are in the process of restructuring to better meet the needs of our growing community.


Fashioned In His Image needs an investment of the following resources to improve administrative efficiency and continue program services: 1. Information Technology-Expertise and funding needed to expand FIHI's online presence, marketing strategies. 2. Grant Writer to gather documentation and fulfill the necessary requirements of various funding bodies to formally seek funding on behalf of FIHI. 3. Program Services- Corporate and Individual donors needed to sponsor My Sister's Keeper and Keepers of the Heart programs. 4. Volunteers- FIHI needs volunteers willing to invest time in program activities and administrative tasks. 5. Funding for Full-Time Program Director- FIHI needs a full time program director to ensure safe, effective, research based program operations. 6.Create awareness of our programs and services through marketing and social media.

CEO Statement

For centuries, the pivotal role of women in the maintenance of effective families, communities and nations has been unquestioned. However, now more than ever before, women are facing obstacles that negatively impact their daily lives and their families, such as marital, physical, financial and emotional stresses. It is critical that they are enabled to make sound and educated decisions about issues related to finances, domestic violence, sexual abuse, poverty and parenting. They must also develop professional skills to expand their career options, and develop habits that enhance good health. FIHI assists women and teen girls in all of these areas. Our key focus will be on educating girls on abstinence and relational wholeness, healthy lifestyles, and personal development. This initiative will enable them to live their purpose, give them a sense of community, and understand the importance of personal values.

Board Chair Statement

Our vision to see women live out God's original design for their lives is becoming more and more critical, as women face surmounting challenges in their homes, marriages, relationships and careers. We want women to be empowered and celebrated for their diversity and creativity;college women to be prepared for productive adulthood and teen girls to be taught how to make healthy life choices. Our biggest challenge is maintaining our presence and obtaining the funding necessary to do the work we believe we are called to do. We will continue to make our presence known and seek fundraising opportunities so that more high school students will be educated about abstinence through our My Sister's Keeper Keepers of the Heart program can make better choices; the college girls who participate in our My Sister's Keeper Collegiate program can continue to learn about their worth and value, and women can be taught life skills and guiding principles for everyday living. The boundaries of our programs have been well exceeded due to the passion and commitment of FIHI to see more students served. Exceeding this goal was personal. I have met thousands of smart and talented women with low self-esteem, limited resources, and lacking the support they need to succeed. I see myself in these women, and I know what it takes to find passion and purpose and have the faith and ambition to rise above circumstances. Research shows that low-income families regularly experience economic and material hardship. These issues inevitably affect students' readiness, attendance, performance, and completion rates at school. By sharing resources, expertise, and accountability, schools can address challenges related to economic hardship and create essential conditions for learning by concentrating on a single access point?public schools?to effectively target their efforts.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Community Improvement, Capacity Building  - Single Organization Support 
Secondary Category: Religion- Related  - Christianity 
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Areas Served

Fashioned In His Image Total Women's Center, Inc. provides outreach services to women and families through all parts of Nashville/Davidson County, other surrounding counties in Tennessee, and college campuses.

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