Nashville Rescue Mission
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639 Lafayette Street
Nashville, TN 37203
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Nashville Rescue Mission exists to provide hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity to the hungry, homeless, and hurting.


In 1954, Nashville Rescue Mission opened its doors to provide food, clothing, and shelter to homeless men in the Nashville community. In 1968, the Mission expanded to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of homeless women and children in the community. Nashville Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community providing hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity to the hungry, homeless, and hurting.


The Mission's work impacts those experiencing homelessness and benefits those living and working in the Nashville community on a daily basis. The Mission serves over 1,200 meals each day and has over 1,000 beds available each night. In 2020, volunteers donated 11,580 hours of service to help the homeless in this community. The Mission also served 424,178 meals and provided 212,379 nights of safe shelter. The lasting, transformational impact seen at Nashville Rescue Mission includes witnessing chronically homeless men and women transition into permanent housing; the single mother escaping domestic violence while seeking safe shelter for herself and her children, broken families experiencing reconciliation and being reunited, men and women once battling addictions now overcoming them and finding new life, and each of them experiencing biblical healing.


There is always an opportunity to help someone in need. Donations, whether it is financial or through material goods (canned goods, other food items, clothing, toiletries, etc.), go a long way in helping the men, women, and children who are served by Nashville Rescue Mission. Additional opportunities to help include: volunteering to serve a meal, teach a class, facilitate a Bible study, assist in a computer lab, mentor an adult student seeking their HSE, speak at a chapel service, or help in any number of other areas. The Mission is also always on the lookout for top talent to join our team. Almost any skill or passion can be utilized in a serving capacity at the Mission.

CEO Statement

Nashville Rescue Mission exists to help others know the saving grace of Jesus, gain wisdom for living, find fulfillment in life, and become a positive part of the community.

At Nashville Rescue Mission we focus on three distinct areas of ministry:
* Hope for Today
* Hope for Tomorrow
* Hope for Eternity

Hope for Today is meeting a person's emergency needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Hope for Tomorrow takes it to the next step. Once immediate needs are met, through case management we assess an individual's situation and develop a plan just for them to take them out of the situation they are now in and help them make plans for tomorrow.

Hope for Eternity is the banner under which we operate. We are always going to show radical hospitality and point those in need of hope to the one who is the source of hope--Jesus Christ.

I am honored to be the seventh CEO in Nashville Rescue Mission's long history. This legacy of leadership is a tribute to the success and stability of Nashville Rescue Mission, and to the belief in the importance of our ministry held in common with us by our supporters and volunteers over the past decades. Personally, I am truly humbled to lead the incredibly talented and dedicated people who work for and volunteer at the Mission.

It is a joy and privilege to serve with a Board of Directors genuinely concerned about the homeless and hurting in our community. The Mission is Christ's hands extended to the hurting, homeless, and poor of Middle Tennessee. Only eternity will reveal the true impact on the men, women, and children who come through our doors each day. Lives have been transformed, families have been restored, jobs have been secured, housing has been found, relationships have been mended, and souls have been added to the Kingdom.

Hope Lives Here--it's not just a tagline at Nashville Rescue Mission. We truly are in the business of giving the hungry, homeless, and hurting--Hope for Today, Hope for Tomorrow, and Hope for Eternity.

Board Chair Statement

I've been a part of Nashville Rescue Mission since 2014. My interest in the Mission and their ministry stems from my desire to help those who are less fortunate in our community. I saw the tremendous reach Nashville Rescue Mission has and wanted to be a part of their amazing work.

My passion for helping the homeless and addicted in our community has increased over the years, and I am now honored to be serving as the Board Chair. I've had the opportunity to witness how the ministry of the Mission continues to change lives. It is a privilege to be a part of such an incredible ministry in the business of doing Kingdom work.

The Mission strives to be a good steward of all gifts. We are blessed to have generous donors who make substantial financial contributions, as well as in-kind gifts of food, clothing, holiday gifts, medical services, and more.

There are many ways to assess the financial integrity of a charity. Each year, the Mission files a 990 Form required by the IRS that discloses financial information. This form, in addition to audited financials, is available on GivingMatters for the most current year. Historical information dating back to 2006 is also available.

In addition to evaluating a nonprofit's financial information, the efficiency of an organization can also be seen in how effective its programs are. We are very proud of the profound impact our programs have on the men and women who participate and how changed their lives are for the better.

In 2020, we provided over 268,000 nights of lodging and served over 569,000 meals to those in need right here in Nashville. Through case management, 118 homeless men and 33 homeless women were able to leave the Mission and move into stable housing. There were 100 men and women who completed the Mission's Life Recovery Program with hope for the future.

God is doing amazing things at Nashville Rescue Mission. I invite you to join us for a tour and see for yourself. Thank you.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Housing, Shelter  - Homeless Shelters 
Secondary Category: Religion- Related  - Christianity 
Tertiary Category: Human Services  - Travelers' Aid 

Areas Served

While Nashville Rescue Mission is in the heart of downtown Nashville, people come from all parts of the country to live in this great city. And who knows at what time or point in a person's life things might go horribly wrong and a person finds themselves in need of food, clothing, and shelter. The Mission doesn't restrict the services they provide to any geographic area. Anyone is welcome.

TN - Cannon
TN - Cheatham
TN - Clay
TN - Coffee
TN - Cumberland
TN - Davidson
TN - DeKalb
TN - Dickson
TN - Fentress
TN - Franklin
TN - Giles
TN - Hickman
TN - Houston
TN - Humphreys
TN - Jackson
TN - Lawrence
TN - Lewis
TN - Lincoln
TN - Macon
TN - Marshall
TN - Maury
TN - Montgomery
TN - Moore
TN - Overton
TN - Perry
TN - Pickett
TN - Putnam
TN - Robertson
TN - Rutherford
TN - Smith
TN - Stewart
TN - Sumner
TN - Trousdale
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TN - Wayne
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