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1720 West End Ave. Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37203
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Butterfly Nation is a movement for creatives that shows young adults that being different is what makes the world see them as a star. Butterfly Nation is A.B.C. Sports Foundation's collaboration with an artist. 2'Live Bre and his Butterfly Nation movement empower youth to focus on their mental health through creativity which is paramount to our cause. We want youth to learn that it's okay to say you're not okay and find ways to effectively communicate their feelings in creative, healthy ways that involve music, art, painting, digital photography, and more. The Butterfly Creatives Camps are open for all young creatives in Nashville where we collaborate with other established artists, media outlets, and athletes that come from similar backgrounds. We allow guest speakers to talk about their journey and help youth see that they have the same opportunities to accomplish their dreams. We also teach healthy coping skills, such as meditation, to teach youth how to become their best self.
Program Successes
We measure success by the growth of the Butterfly Nation movement. From each Butterfly Creatives Camp, participants showcase their work whether it be a painting, a song, poem, or picking up a new sports skill. The goal of the Butterfly Creatives Camp is for participants to find new ways to deal with mental pressure that comes from school, home environment, work, etc. Showcasing their creativity is a mechanism for the camp's success along with increasing the number of camp goers each session.
Long-term Success
It is our hope that the resources they gain after participating in the Butterfly Creatives Camp will deter them from wrong choices and provide methods to cope with societal pressure. We will measure their progress by staying in contact with each child that joins the Butterfly Nation movement by collecting an email database and frequent pop up events that are exclusive to Butterfly Nation. After camp sessions, instructors will continually send positive messages through social media and provide updates on any shows or community events from our mentors. The long-term vision of Butterfly Nation and the Butterfly Creatives Camp is to build a community of youth who can spread their creative wings through a brother and sisterhood.
Short-term Success
Butterfly Creatives Camp will impact children in at-risk communities by giving them an outlet to express themselves in a healthy environment. Essentially, this project will give them hope and an understanding that it's other kids that look like them who go through similar situations that are often a trigger for bad behavior. The Butterfly Creatives Camp will allow our participants to have an outlet to stay focused and believe in their vision through friendships that they build from peers and mentors who will continually engage after each session.
Program Success Monitored By
Butterfly Nation is monitored by Nashville's very own Breion "2'Live Bre" Dixon. He is a good fit for program manager because he is known from his experience in the music industry. While starting his musical career at the age of thirteen he accomplished many things independently while giving motivation and hope to his hometown. 2'Live Bre was previously featured on a Netflix music reality show and toured the west coast shaking hands with many well known influencers while graduating college. Butterfly Nation teaches youth to use their creative brain outside of doing art or sports and also helps participants stay grounded in realizing that their gifts are coping skills and not just a tool to make it out of poverty. A.B.C. Sports Foundation recognizes the synergy of artists and athletes and that youth want to emulate and draw heavy influence from both careers. Butterfly Nation is a collaboration with an artist who focuses on mental health which is of extreme importance to athletes.
Program Areas Served
Nashville, United States