Moves & Grooves, Inc.
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301 S. Perimeter Park Drive, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37211
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Organizational Budgets and Other Documents

Moves & Grooves, Inc. 2022 Budget 2023
Moves and Grooves Budget, FY 2021-22 2022
Moves and Grooves 2020-21 Budget 2021
Moves & Grooves, Inc. 2020 Budget 2020
Moves & Grooves, Inc. 2019 Budget 2019
Moves & Grooves, Inc. 2018 Budget 2018
Moves & Grooves, Inc. 2017 Budget 2017
moves & grooves, inc. 2016 budget 2016
moves and grooves, inc. 2013 budget 2013
moves and grooves, inc. 2010 budget 2010
moves and grooves, inc 2008 budget 2008

IRS Letter of Exemption

moves and grooves, inc. irs ltr

Detailed Financials

Revenue and Expenses
Fiscal Year202320222021
Total Revenue $820,045.00$166,419.00
Total Expenses $516,447.00$196,530.00
Revenue Less Expenses ($-0.00)$303,598.00($30,111.00)

Revenue Sources
Fiscal Year202320222021
Foundation and Corporation Contributions $0.00$0.00
Government - Federal $0.00$0.00
Government - State $0.00$0.00
Government - Local $0.00$0.00
Government - Unspecified $621,673.00$147,175.00
Contributions, Gifts, and Grants $0.00$3,626.00
Indirect Public Support $0.00$0.00
Earned Revenue $978.00$0.00
Investment Income, Net of Losses $0.00$0.00
Membership Dues $0.00$0.00
Special Events $197,345.00$15,618.00
Revenue In-Kind $0.00$0.00
Other $49.00$0.00

Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year202320222021
Program Expense $335,146.00$144,430.00
Administration Expense $181,301.00$52,100.00
Fundraising Expense $0.00$0.00
Total Revenue/Total Expenses 159%85%
Program Expense/Total Expenses 65%73%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue 0%0%

Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year202320222021
Top Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00Government Grants
Government Grants
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00Fundraising Events
Fundraising Events
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00Program Revenue
Contributions, Gifts, and Grants

Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year202320222021
Total Assets $359,438.00$68,770.00
Current Assets $304,386.00$68,770.00
Long-Term Liabilities $0.00$0.00
Current Liabilities $8,578.00$89,469.00
Total Net Assets $350,860.00$-20,699.00

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To build Nashville's first Youth Arts and Innovation Center in Antioch, Tennessee

Campaign Start

January 2021

Campaign End

December 2025

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Form 990s

Moves and Grooves 990 2021-2022 2022
Moves and Grooves - 6 mo. 990 2021
Moves and Grooves - YE 2020_Form 990 2020
Moves and Grooves Form 990 2019
Moves and Grooves 2018 990 2018
Moves and Grooves 2017 990 2017
Moves and Grooves 2016 990 2016
Audited 990 2015
moves and grooves, inc. FY2014 990N / e-postcard 2014
moves and grooves, inc. FY2013 990N / e-postcard 2013
moves and grooves, inc. 2011 990N / e-postcard 2011
moves and grooves, inc. 2010 990N / e-postcard 2010
moves and grooves, inc. 2009 990N / e-postcard 2009
moves and grooves, inc. 2008 990N / e-postcard 2008
moves and grooves, inc. 2007 990 2007
moves and grooves, inc. 2006 990 2006

Audit Documents

2021- 2022 Audit Report 2022
2020 Audit Report_Financial Stmts 2020
Engagement letter 2019 2019
Independent Auditor's Report 2019
2017 & 2018 Audit 2018
2016 & 2017 Audited Financials 2017
2015 Audited Financials 2015

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

Giving has to be a part of my core as an individual and as a leader. The reward felt from giving my time to an organization that gives back in the form of growing children that becomes successful contributors in their communities is indescribable. Being a member on the board of Moves and Groves allows me those opportunities; to give and to receive. Giving and receiving to a worthy cause does not happen without some hurdles. Moves and Groves is a clear example of giving more than they receive. They are able to overcome the hurdles of not having enough money at times to support the kids in the communities they serve, but still are able to make ends meet every day for the children and for the staff. Although finances have been hurdles at times, these hurdles have given the leader of Moves and Grooves, Emerald Mitchell, the motivation to continue to work harder for the children that attend their programs. Their challenges are met with successes as we see children grow and see their dreams come true through dance and physical expression which is not often accomplished in public school systems these days. Every life touched by Moves and Grooves is a success story to their family and to their community. I couldn't be more proud to serve as a board member of Moves and Groves and help in any capacity possible. This organization feeds my passion for community service and help kids and families that otherwise might not have these opportunities had it not been for Moves and Grooves. However, 2013-2014 has been our year of growth our budget has nearly doubled and we are able to serve 65 additional students. As we strive to strengthen our community ties and build our afterschool program, we will continue to grow. Moves & Grooves will continue to cultivate close relationships with our communities, businesses and schools as we brings arts-education, and wellness to new heights. ~ Delphine Oliver, Former Board Chair

Foundation Staff Comments

Financial details compiled from Form 990. In some years, Schedule B removed. In others, foundation and corporate grants may be included in Contributions, Gifts, and Grants sum, as these amounts are not separated in Form 990. Form 990 prepared by Dannie Williams Services. Comments provided by Nicole Rose 04/01/2023.