Caleb Company
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P.O. Box 493
Thompson Station, TN 37179
Organization Details

Executive Director

Executive Director Mr. Tod McDowell
Term Start September 2010
Tod's Experience: In 1988 Tod McDowell studied in Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA undergraduate studies before going to the University of the Nations in Kona, HI in 1992. Tod completed several missions ministry schools at the University of the Nations including: Discipleship Training School, School of Worship, Biblical Studies School, School of Strategic Missions, Communications Core Course, Biblical Studies Core Course, and Biblical and Missions History Course. Tod staffed many Missions schools including: Discipleship Training School, School of Worship, School of Biblical Studies, and Biblical Studies Core Course. He also served as a school leader and then became the leader of the College of Christian ministries for the University of the Nations campus in Kona, HI. In this role Tod gave leadership to over ten ministry school leaders with a staff that numbered up to fifty people. He helped pioneer new ministry schools on the campus, including the School of Strategic Missions, Biblical Studies Core Course and the School of Jewish Studies.With his staff, he pioneered a campus prayer and worship room with staff positions to sustain it.Tod also served in a local church, Calvary Community Church, with founding pastor David C. Reese-Thomas from 1997 through 2007. Beginning by being appointed as a deacon for three years and then serving as an elder for three years, Tod ended up becoming an ordained pastor in the church in 2002. Under this role Tod preached, counseled, and performed weddings and funerals. He also led prayer initiatives across the state of Hawaii, led evangelistic campaigns for all of the public high schools in our city, and lead an Island-wide torch run that reached over twenty churches and had over sixty participants running and bicycling around the Island of Hawaii over three days. Since 1990 Tod has gone on dozens of missions trips around the world. He has personally evangelized among the unreached peoples in South East Asia as well as in Africa.

Senior Staff

Name Title
Tod McDowell


Full Time Staff 6
Part Time Staff 1
Volunteers 1
Contractors 5
Retention Rate 50%

Plans & Policies

Does your organization have a Fundraising Plan? Yes
Does your organization have a Strategic Plan? Yes
Years Strategic Plan Considers N/A
When was the Strategic Plan adopted? January 2012
Does your organization have a Management Succession Plan? Under Development
Does your organization have a Policy and Procedure Plan? Yes
Does the organization have a Nondiscrimination Policy? Under Development
Does the organization have a Whistle Blower Policy? No
Does the organization have a Document Destruction Policy? No


Is there a formal evaluation for... Frequency (if applicable)
CEO/Executive Director Yes Annually
Senior Management Yes Annually
Non-Management Yes Annually

CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

We have grown in our staff and our need for organizational management. We are currently bringing on two new staff to carry more of the operational and program management load, while two of the current staff are moving into more management roles. This will help keep organizational development smoother and more efficient. Our unique focuses are being delegated to staff who will "own" these areas and make them easier to manage. The current staff has had multiple tasks making the programs much harder to manage. I believe this new configuration of team members will bring renewed efficiency and excellence to the programs and operations.