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Thompson Station, TN 37179
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To ignite revival in Israel, The Middle East, and the nations.


Caleb Global's name was inspired by Israel's fearless warrior, Caleb, who along with Joshua, brought a good report concerning the land of Israel in the midst of great opposition. Numbers 14:1-9. Our non-profit ministry was founded by Dr. Don Finto in 1996. As a pastor to pastors, Don "fathers" leaders in Israel and the nations. He is an international speaker and author of three best-selling books concerning God's heart and end-time plan for Israel and the nations. After serving in leadership with Youth With A Mission for fourteen years, Tod McDowell relocated his family to Nashville, Tennessee in 2007 to work full-time with Caleb Global In 2010, Don shifted his role to serve as Caleb's Founder and Tod became the Executive Director. During this season, we have grown to a thriving team of staff, students, and alumni focused on fulling the Caleb mission.


Top 3 Accomplishments: 1) Hiring new Caleb manager who will oversee and optimize our programs and operations. 2) Purchased the home and property adjacent to our current headquarters to house students, guests, and our founder, Don Finto, also lives in it. 3) Trained and resourced our Pioneering team.

Top 3 Goals: 1) Develop our team to be more efficient and excellent in their operational and missional roles. 2) Launch our pioneering team long-term to Israel in early 2023. 3) Grow our partnership development strategies to support the growth and expansion of Caleb Global.


1) Land Development of Caleb property - $750,000. 2) Purchasing Land / Facility in Israel - $250,000 3) Video Conferencing Equipment / Media Teaching Studio. -$20,000 4) Israel Humanitarian Aid - $40,000 5) Program Travel: Speaking and Teaching Ministry - $40,000

CEO Statement

Our organization aims to be Biblically based with integrity as the main foundation. We are relationally driven. We have an international reach with a local base. One of the most unique aspects of Caleb Company is our experiential authority. Our mission statement, "Equipping the Church to participate in God's biblical plan for Israel and its relationship to world revival," carries specific tasks and required skillsets to accomplish them. Our mandate to equip God's people is primarily done through teaching and training from our three main leaders. Our founder, Don Finto, has been teaching God's people since 1952. He was a professor at a Christian University, Lipscomb University in Nashville. I, serving as Executive Director, have taught full time in a Missions organization, Youth With A Mission, starting in 1992. Our Assistant Director, Steve Allen, began equipping God's people in missions in 1988. Between the three of us we have one hundred and seventeen years of experience in teaching and training God's people with Biblical teachings. One of the most unique aspects of Caleb Global is our experiential authority. Our mission statement is Igniting revival in Israel, the Middle East, and the Nations. The Founder and Director , Don Finto and Tod McDowell, have been to Israel over 100 times collectively. They also have traveled throughout the Middle East from as early as 1967 to as recent as three weeks ago. They have gone to over 60 nations ministering to tens of thousands from hundreds of people groups. This real life experience gives an authority to our training and strategy to see revival facilitated in Israel, the Middle East, and the Nations.

Board Chair Statement

We have grown from a "mom and pop shop" organization to a board-led, leadership-team driven organization that functions with healthy controls and financial transparency. We have the great privilege of sharing God's heart and purpose for Israel and the nations all over the earth. We do this in conferences with thousands of people in attendance. We also do this in Missions schools in remote places like Northern Finland in the snow and ice. One unique place to which we travel annually is Mozambique, Africa. We teach in their Bible School to over three hundred international students as well as to the school for African leaders. On one occasion, as I stood in front of the fifth-year Mozambiquan Bible School students who have been individually selected to become missionaries, I began to question how they would apply the message of God's heart and covenant plan for Israel. Suddenly the scripture from 2 Corinthians 1:18 came to mind, "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." Even though others may think this is foolish to teach bush leaders about Israel, I was stirred that they will experience the power of God as they begin to pray and bless Israel. I proceeded to share with them about God's call for all believers to bless Israel and that, in doing so, there will be a blessing released to all nations. God told Abraham, "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you' (Genesis 12:3). That night one of the pastors, Ricardo, traveled all the way back to his village- a full day's journey. About fifty of us went out into the bush on a Jesus Film outreach that night as well. On the way to the outreach, we got lost and ended up accidentally going to Ricardo's village. The outreach leader felt to stop and spontaneously do an outreach in that village. We did skits, preached the gospel, and prayed for the sick. Many were saved and I personally saw three miracles. Going back to that village the next day, pastor Ricardo stood up in front of all of the outreach team and declared that he asked God to show him a miracle to confirm my teaching that blessing Israel would bring a blessing on him, his church and his village. He animatedly declared that after blessing Israel, God supernaturally caused us to come to his village out of the thousands of villages to which the outreach team goes. This testimony confirmed the calling of Caleb Global to continue to bring this message to all peoples in all nations.

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Areas Served

We are located in Thompson Station, in Williamson County. However we serve the greater Nashville, TN, area. We are based locally, but much of our ministry is based internationally, ie. Israel, Africa, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

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