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The Revival Seminar is an introduction to God's heart and purpose for Israel and the nations for singles and families who are unable to take part in our full-time Caleb Training Program. This ministry school meets every Thursday taking the core values and powerful teachings from our Caleb Training and packing it into a weekend seminar at different churches throughout the US.
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The intensive leadership training is geared to impart students with God's heart for Israel and the nations, with an understanding of the prophetic time we are living in according to Scripture. Our heart is to equip kingdom influencers with the tools they need to change the world: lifestyle of intimacy where identity and vision are found, God's heart for Israel and all nations, living life in authentic community with discipleship, cultivating a culture of worship and intercession, and spreading the love and power of Jesus.
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CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

This past year we have expanded our internship from three interns last year to five interns this year. We also lengthened our school from a two month Summer school to a five month Fall school. We took our staff teams and our students to Iraq and Egypt for the first time. This connected us to the Northern and Southern region of the Middle East while still going to Israel which was the beginning of long-term goals to see revival in Israel and the Middle East through partnership and relationships with Jewish and Arab believers that love each other, pray for each other, and share the good news of Jesus with each other. We also renovated the upstairs portion of one of our facilities which enabled us to house students in our school as well as host many guests throughout the year. Our local outreach efforts also expanded as we began to weekly reach out to the poor in Nashville and the immigrants from many nations with the gospel of Jesus. We also partnered with a local house of prayer weekly. These initiatives mirror what our outreach priorities and practices are when we go to Israel and the Middle East. We are modeling our vision and values in tangible ways locally and internationally more than ever before.