100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee
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P. O. Box 140789
Nashville, TN 37214
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To nurture and enhance the growth, development and opportunities for young Black males of Middle Tennessee.


The 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, Inc. is a member-based organization comprised of local business and industry leaders who invest both time and financial resources to accomplish its mission. The organization was chartered in 1991 as an affiliate of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc.


Established in 1991, The 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, Inc. (The 100) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing resources to further the academic and social development of black male students in Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee. The 100 is an affiliate of The 100 Black Men of America, Inc., a service organization chartered in 1986 with a commitment to improve the academic and social proficiency of inner-city black youth. Our mission is "to nurture and enhance the growth, development and opportunities for young black males of Middle Tennessee."

Since 1991, The 100 has served as philanthropic trailblazers in Middle Tennessee by:
o Establishing academic enrichment programs focusing on intellectual and holistic development;
o Providing quality education and experiential development initiatives, coupled with targeted community exposure, and
o Investing both actively and financially in the long-term scholastic success of its program participants.

Through our programmatic efforts, The 100 strive to counter the negative factors most frequently associated with black male youth. Young black males are frequently rated the lowest in critical areas such as literacy, academic achievement, self-esteem and positive lifestyle choices. Our organization is committed to this group because we believe they can maximize their talents and gifts with the right education, exposure, experience and encouragement.
The 100 KINGS is a leadership development program created and funded by the 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee, Inc. The program is designed to help black male youth develop the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to succeed in school and become significant community contributors. Beginning in middle school through high school, the 100 KINGS is a multi-year program which provides the foundation young black men need to excel in school, pursue a college education, and succeed in life. Long-term success in America requires a strong blend of knowledge, skills and confidence. American youth demonstrate how well they have developed in these areas through their behavior and their academic performance in school. The programs of the 100 help boys develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to succeed in school and to succeed in life.

Through the 100 KINGS program, The 100 provide academic enrichment, social skills building, college preparation, community service, and career development for underserved black male youth. As of January, 2021 there are 40 high school and 56 middle school young men in the 100 KINGS programs and 44 College KINGS currently receiving college scholarships from The 100. The 100 have supported our program graduates with over $1 million in college scholarships since 2003. There are approximately 150 Collegiate 100 and College KINGS supported by the organization.


The organization's top 3 needs are as follows: 1) Annual funding of $500,000 to support the ongoing growth and development of our current 100 KINGS program which includes elementary, middle school, and high school youth yearlong programs and activities; 2) $1 Million to help support college scholarships for current and future graduates of our 100 KINGS program - the College KINGS; 3) Ongoing donation of services and events for our Experience and Exposure trips for the students including college road trips to HBCUs and other higher learning institutions.

CEO Statement

Ever since we were chartered in 1991 as the 13th affiliate chapter of the 100 Black Men of America, the 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee has been working to increase the quality of life for young, Black males. Our chapter is made up of men from all walks of life that all have the common goal of aiding the underserved needs of young, black males. Our mission is single-focused - to nurture and enhance the growth, development, and opportunities for young black males of Middle Tennessee. We function totally by this mission, we recite this mission before every meeting, and we make sure that this is the only reason for our existence. Since 2003, The 100 has distributed over $1 million dollars in college scholarships. Operationally, we are a debt-free organization. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who have taken this journey of youth empowerment with us and we look forward to what lies ahead as we continue "to nurture and enhance the growth, development, and opportunities for young, Black males of Middle Tennessee. It is my continuing privilege to lead this organization and continue to grow and enhance our programs serving the youth of Nashville and surrounding communities. It was also my heartfelt gratitude to be recognized as CEO of the Year by the Center for Nonprofit Management in 2019 for my commitment to the underserved youth in our community.

Board Chair Statement

Our members are deeply committed to our programs because they see themselves when they look at the population we serve. Many of our members have overcome broken homes, poverty, racism and discrimination to become leaders. Our members serve the community in many ways. Their connection to The 100 is unique because they can often help or connect with someone whose story resembles their own. We are proud of the founders of this organization and their focus on truly changing lives. To that end, our long-term commitment is rare and it is costly. We believe it is the best way to produce a generational impact in our community.

Service Categories

Primary Category: Youth Development  - Youth Development Programs 
Secondary Category: Education  - Scholarships & Student Financial Aid 
Tertiary Category: Science & Technology  - Engineering & Technology 

Areas Served

Nashville and surrounding communities of Middle Tennessee

TN - Davidson
TN - Wilson
TN - Rutherford