The Wonderful Life Foundation
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2728 Eugenia Avenue
Nashville, TN 37211
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The Wonderful Life Foundation provides financial assistance to families experiencing compounding financial distress due to a ongoing life threatening pediatric illness. Job loss, massive amounts of unpaid leave from work and other unforeseen complications often arise as treatments lengthen, this coupled with medical bills and rising prescription costs often financially cripple what once were dual income households. We assist with needs such as a mortgage payments for families that are on the brink of eviction. We also assist with car payments as a vehicle is often needed to get to work and for medical treatments. We also assist with requests that other organizations may not have the ability to, such as an airline ticket for a family member to stay with siblings as treatments become aggressive or are sought out in a different state. Funeral bills are a way that the Foundation has been able to assist hurting families, as well as food and lodging when a child must be treated in a speciality program that is out of state.
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