Nashville Education Community and Arts Television Corporation
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120 White Bridge Pike #46
Nashville, TN 37209
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Our monthly Television Production Classes are open to all individuals and organizations. Absolute beginners are absolutely welcome. In the two-night Production Level One Class, students learn to operate professional pedestal cameras, to mic on-camera talent, and to position talent for good lighting. Many people stop after Level One and simply volunteer on shoots for other NECAT producers. These are considered NECAT technician members. Students who wish to make their own shows must also take the two-night Television Production Level Two Class. After Level Two, they are considered NECAT member producers and can use our resources to make their own shows, which will then be broadcast on our channels. These are the only required classes for NECAT members, though we offer many more popular classes beyond the basics: Lighting, Audio, Editing, Green Screen, and a new series called Taking Your Show To The Next Level in which 4 experts help producers hone skills in both content and technique.
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Pre-Covid we would give tours of the studio to entities and individuals interested in becoming members and making shows at NECAT. Some of these tours involve people who have heard of NECAT and reached out to us; others are with entities and individuals staff has proactively reached out to because of the entities'/individuals' arts or education activities. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE. NECAT is a resource to the public and everyone is welcome in our classes, including children age 13 and up accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately the studio has been closed since March 2020 and since we are located on NSCC's campus we are subject to their opening timelines. At this point it looks like it could remain closed until Spring 2021. We have moved to more virtual online programs for interested members and students but revenue has diminished since we rely a lot on member fees and dues which provide access to the studio and use of all its equipment.