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Detailed Financials

Revenue and Expenses
Fiscal Year202220212020
Total Revenue $59,483.00
Total Expenses $34,530.00
Revenue Less Expenses ($-0.00)($-0.00)$24,953.00

Revenue Sources
Fiscal Year202220212020
Foundation and Corporation Contributions $0.00
Government - Federal $0.00
Government - State $0.00
Government - Local $0.00
Government - Unspecified $0.00
Individual Contributions $43,180.00
Indirect Public Support $0.00
Earned Revenue $16,303.00
Investment Income, Net of Losses $0.00
Membership Dues $0.00
Special Events $0.00
Revenue In-Kind $0.00
Other $0.00

Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year202220212020
Program Expense $24,301.00
Administration Expense $10,229.00
Fundraising Expense $0.00
Total Revenue/Total Expenses 172%
Program Expense/Total Expenses 70%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue 0%

Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year202220212020
Top Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00$0.00Contributions, Gifts, and Grants
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00$0.00Program Events
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00$0.00$0.00

Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year202220212020
Total Assets $28,964.00
Current Assets $28,964.00
Long-Term Liabilities $477.00
Current Liabilities $0.00
Total Net Assets $28,487.00

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Audit Documents

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CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

In January of 2020 we entered a season of "pause," recalibrating in response to the pandemic and trimming back to set a course for long-term sustainability and new leadership. We began 2021 operating incredibly lean on staff with over $27,000 in the bank. As we continue to serve more people, we must also continue to grow our staff, as well as streams of income which can lead to increased sustainability, allowing us to direct donor funds toward future-projects rather than overhead. A sizable grant was received in the third quarter and we exceeded our year-end fundraising goal by 62%!

With a solid Executive Director now in place, our goals as we head into 2022 include returning to serving our constituents in a "two-sided" manner, continuing one-sided programs while building back the sense of community by adding prayer groups, Bible study groups, webinars, collaborations with other Christian organization and leaders, turnkey marketing kits for college campuses and churches, and in-person gatherings. Our online course is transitioning back to a revenue-generating program, and we plan to launch a new podcast which will greatly extend our reach helping more people to learn about our free resources and groups, and promote the course. We will also strive to gain sponsorships.

We are being intentional about developing long-term relationships with funders (corporate and individual) who share our passion for helping individuals find health and freedom from eating disorders. We are excited about the future and welcome any opportunity to share our story and dream together with others about the great things we can do together.

Foundation Staff Comments

Financials taken from the 990EZ. 990EZ completed by Keller & Owens, LLC. Comments Provided by Hayley Sulfridge 1/25/22.