Deer Run Retreat Center
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3845 Perkins Road
Thompson's Station, TN 37179
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Fiscal Year

No current fiscal year information is available at this time.

Organizational Budgets and Other Documents

2023 Fiscal Budget 2023
Budget 2022
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IRS Letter of Exemption

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Detailed Financials

Revenue and Expenses
Fiscal Year202320222021
Total Revenue $4,241,965.00$3,982,229.00
Total Expenses $3,499,193.00$2,580,491.00
Revenue Less Expenses ($-0.00)$742,772.00$1,401,738.00

Revenue Sources
Fiscal Year202320222021
Foundation and Corporation Contributions $0.00$0.00
Government - Federal $0.00$0.00
Government - State $0.00$0.00
Government - Local $0.00$0.00
Government - Unspecified $0.00$303,159.00
Contributions, Gifts, and Grants $971,840.00$654,305.00
Indirect Public Support $0.00$0.00
Earned Revenue $3,239,626.00$2,920,083.00
Investment Income, Net of Losses $20,780.00$3,837.00
Membership Dues $0.00$0.00
Special Events $0.00$0.00
Revenue In-Kind $0.00$0.00
Other $9,719.00$100,845.00

Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year202320222021
Program Expense $3,089,821.00$2,291,499.00
Administration Expense $246,913.00$174,403.00
Fundraising Expense $162,459.00$114,589.00
Total Revenue/Total Expenses 121%154%
Program Expense/Total Expenses 88%89%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue 5%4%

Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year202320222021
Top Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00Program Revenue
Program Revenue
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00Contributions, Gifts, and Grants
Contributions, Gifts, Grants
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar Amount $0.00Investment Income
Government Grants

Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year202320222021
Total Assets $8,367,732.00$7,711,714.00
Current Assets $2,369,843.00$2,122,955.00
Long-Term Liabilities $0.00$0.00
Current Liabilities $304,178.00$390,932.00
Total Net Assets $8,063,554.00$7,320,782.00

Endowment Info

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Capital Campaign Info

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What is the purpose of the capital campaign?

God opened a door and provided the way for us to purchase an additional 56 acres of adjoining property to expand and reach more people for His kingdom. Currently we are installing
infrastructure on this additional property (our west campus) - water, sewer, and underground electric lines - and we are remodeling existing facilities on the property so they can be useful for camp expansion.
We estimate that approximately 12 to 15 million dollars is needed in the next three to five years to sustain our growth.
For two summers, nearly all our camp sessions have been full and have waiting lists. Thus, we need more facilities and more recreation options. This is the largest opportunity in our 24-year
history that God has given us - we do not want to miss it!
• Road improvements and 18 cabins
• basketball gym, swimming pool, pickleball courts,
wiffleball field, and sand volleyball
• The Refuge: a multi-purpose building with 500-seat
auditorium, 400-seat dining hall with commercial kitchen,
health center, and additional small meeting space

Campaign Start

November 2022

Campaign End

November 2027

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Form 990s

990 2022
Deer Run Camps Retreats 2021 Form990 2021
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Audit Documents

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CEO/Executive Director/Board Comments

Deer Run has been blessed to experience consistent growth over the last ten years. For the past six years, we have also consistently operated in the black from generated revenue. We are committed to controlling our expenses through proper budgeting to insure that we are self-sustaining from an operational standpoint. This commitment allows us to allocate 100% of donations to either capital improvements or scholarships for children or families in need.

Foundation Staff Comments

Financial figures taken from 990. Financial statements prepared by Bryan Todd & Associates, PLLC. Comments provided by Hayley Sulfridge 8/17/23.